Nosebleed Season 2 Chapter 2

43 panel comic entitled “Nosebleed”  by Derick Jones. Letters by Kyle Arrends, Edited by NM.Scuri. —

Panel 1: NOSEBLEED tag on building overlooking Philadelphia Panel 2: Esper and the agents communiting on a laptop. Agent says, “Package is in our possession and the scene has been wiped.” Panel 3: The agent is holding a bottle of pills and folded piece of paper and continues, “Sylph Tech and Yang Corp Two timed us with batch x.” Panel 4: Unknown person from the laptop responds, “That was foolish, but they’ll learn. Good work, gentlemen. Panel 5: The same agent responds, “One problem sir.” Panel 6: We see Esper and the speaking agent as he continues, “The shipment’s light two bottles. After surveying the crash site, our esper ran into a teenager with a pill on him.” Panel 7: Esper turns and adds, “The kid swallowed the pill and went ‘POOF’.” Panel 8: We see a view from above that is able to peer through the wall and identify shapes. The voice from the laptop continues, “A teen huh? Find him. You’ve got 24 hours.” Panel 9: We see a high tech camera, a voice says, “Understood sir.” Panel 10: We see a stealth plane with a communication disc. Panel 11: Close-up on arm and wrist computer showing a H.U.D. of information panels. The panels read, Package Coordinates and Phila PA. Panel 12: Two high altitude parachutists are standing in an open cargo door. Panel 13: The two thumbs up to jump. Panel 14: The two begin the descent. A message is relayed, “Retrieve the package at all cost.” Panel 15: There descent speed increases dramatically, “Casualties are permitted.” Panel 16: Parachutes have been activated. Panel 17: Reggie on a roof top, “Ok, let’s try this, uh, Home.”- sub panel on his face. Panel 18: A view from the top of the buildings we see poof of smoke swirling then a lightning scorch a few feet away that reads BOOP. Panel 19: The smoke clears and Reggie is on his back, “Crap!!” Panel 20: View of a building with razor wire fencing. Panel 21: The two agents and esper are in a room talking. Agent 1, “Every black teenage male in the city should be popping up on your screen. Tell me when you see him.” The other agents adds, “Wonder what they’re gonna do with that boy.”  Panel 22: One of the agents says, “When we find him? Esper answers, “You know what they’re gonna do.” The agent responds, “I’ve got ideas.” Panel 23: We see an image of Reggie and Esper says, “Got him. Download current image.” Panel 24: We see esper with his hat off and noticable scaring across his scalp and eyes. The other agent says to Esper, “Probably end up being your replacement.” Panel 25: The agent continues, “Didn’t slave do something like that?” Panel 26: Esper puts on his glasses. Panel 27: Back at the police station with an outside view of the building an officer says, “whatever this is, its circumstantial at best.” Panel 28: We are now in the police station with the two detectives and the chief walking down a hall. The chief says, “And that ain’ gonna be good enough for these parents.” A detective says, “But it’s all we got chief.” Panel 29: The detective recounts, “After watching that tape I went home and did some digging. Ever heard of MK Ultra? Wouldn’t be the first time the governments done weird shit.” Panel 30: The other agent and chief looking perplexed at him for offering that. Panel 31: The chief, “I got 3 dead teens and grieving parents that want answers. You keep that crazy talk to yourself and find some real goddamn evidence.” Panel 32: The chief is walking away and the other detective says, “MK Ultra? Really?” The other detective responds, “You got anything better?” Panel 33: The detectives enter a room of saddened and distressed people. Panel 34: Panel reads “West Philadelphia”. A man is sitting on his back porch reading on a tablet. Panel 35: He continues to read and impact happens in the distance with a POOF! SHSH! Panel 36: We see a close of the man with a question mark about what just happened. Panel 37: Reggie with arms raised, “Yes! I mean, uh home!”. Panel 38: The man says, “Little too old to be climbing trees, son.” Reggie responds, “I gotta get exercise some how.” Panel 39: Reggie enters his house and his mother working on food says, “Why can I smell you over this soup? Shower. NOW!” Panel 40: Reggie enters his room and takes his shirt off. Panel 42: As he gets it off and can see into his room now he’s startled, “AAHHH!!!!”. Panel 43: Tilda is sitting on his bed, “We gotta talk.”

End NOSEBLEED Season 2 Chapter 2

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