Nose Bleed Chapter 10

27 panel comic entitled "Nosebleed Chapter 10" by Derick Jones. Letters by Kyle Arrends, Edited by Nancy Scuri.
Nosebleed Chapter 10

27 panel comic entitled “Nosebleed Chapter 10” by Derick Jones. Letters by Kyle Arrends, Edited by Nancy Scuri.

Panel 1: Picking up from where we left off in chapter 7, we see Reggie riding his bike with two friends of Brett’s driving a vehicle after him. Johnny says, “OK. Let’s do this.” Chris responds, “Remember dude.” Panel 2: Chris continues, “Clip him. I’ll stuff him in the trunk. Then you beat him til he tells us how they killed Brett. Johnny, “I know. And then we turn him in.” Panel 3: Johnny intensely, “Nobody fucks with our crew.” Panel 4: Reggie now sees the car intentionally coming to him. Panel 5: Reggie watches the car come to a screeching halt but fails to realize the guard rail in his path. Panel 6: Close up on Reggie as he now sees what’s in his path. Panel 7: We see the guard rail and the impending impact. Panel 8: Focus is on Reggie squeezing his brakes to their limit. Panel 9: “BAM”. Reggie soars over the guard rail while his bike takes the brunt of the impact. Panel 10: Reggie flies into a wooded area. Panel 11: Reggie tumbles down a heavily wooded ravine. Panel 12: Reggie has landed and is knocked unconscious. Panel 13: Reggie on hands and knees begins to recover awareness of his situation. Panel 14: Reggie can hear his two pursuers talking at the top. “Fuck dude he went flying.” The other responds, “You better hope he’s not dead!” Panel 15: Reggie stands leaning on a tree and nursing his left side. The two continue, “I didn’t even touch him.” The other “Just c’mon we gotta find him.” Panel 16: A large panel that reads, “Deeper into the woods.” We see the wreckage of an airplane with a man hanging from his neck. Three men are taking in the scene from the ground looking at the contents of two boxes. Panel 17: We see a box packed with bottles of pills that Gerry and Tilda have been taking. One of the men says, “22 out of 24.” Panel 18: The security agent says, “Maybe they got tossed when flyboy went down.” Esper says, “Clearly not. So this is batch x, huh?” The other agent says, “that’s classified who told ya? Panel 19: Esper holding a bottle says, Perks of being a lab rat. Seems like yesterday they were tweaking #5″. Panel 20: Close up on the bottle and the pills Esper continues, “And now they’re at 10. Can’t imagine what hell these ones do. Panel 21: The security agent pulls a gun on Esper, “Hey!” Panel 22: The security agent and Esper are in a standoff. The security agent still with gun drawn, “Put those pills back now! You think this is my first time working with one of you? Esper looking calmly, “I was just – my my”. Panel 23: Focus on Esper looking as if he’s engaging the power the pills provide. “Big gun you got there agent. You wanna see mine now?” Panel 24: Looking down the barrel of the gun and onto the security agent, “Just give me a reason, Esper.” Panel 25: We Esper returning the bottle into the box. “Eh another time.” Panel 26: The security agent holsters his gun, “Good dog. Now let’s find those bottles.” Panel 27: We see the two agents packing the boxes and Esper walking away. The security agent says, “Recheck the perimet-…Hey! Where you going?” Esper responds, “To take a piss. You’re welcome to come watch.”  To Be Cont.

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