NOSEBLEED Season 2 Chapter 5

34 panel comic entitled “Nosebleed” by Derick Jones. Letters by Kyle Arrends, Edited by NM.Scuri. —

Panel 1: We continue the action in the diner during a shootout between the Agents and the two unknown characters. Panel 2: One of the agents grabs the injector that’s been loaded with more of the chemical. Panel 3: We see the gunman shooting. Panel 4: The agent injects Esper in his temple. Panel 5: Close-up of the injection. Panel 6: Esper screams. Panel 7: Esper collapses backwards and the unknown character who also possesses powers stands over him and the agent grinning maniacally. Panel 9: The unknown character grins and prepares his power. Panel 10: The agent sits sturn-faced preparing for the attack. Panel 11: The agent sits up and says, “Surprise. That crap don’t work on me…” Panel 12: The unknown character looks helpless and wondering where the power that is controlling him is coming from. Panel 13: Esper is engulfed in flames from his rejuvenated power and stands over the agent. Panel 14: The other unknown character begins shooting a barrage of bullets into Esper’s back.  Panel 15: Esper in shadow turns to face his attacker. Panel 16: The shooter freezes. Panel 17: Esper begins to build a ball of energy between his hands. Panel 18: Esper squeezes his hands, and crosses his arms preparing for his attack. Panel 19: Violent conical waves of energy erupt from Esper’s outstretched hands. Panel 20: We see an outside view of the diner and Esper’s power blows through the sides of the building. Panel 21: Smoke is billowing from the diner. Panel 22: Esper and the agents jump out of the windows. Esper says, “Who the fuck were those two?” Panel 23: The three are jumping into their vehicle and one of the agents says, “They’re yang corp ops!!!” Panel 24: Inside the vehicle one of the agents yells into his radio, “We’ve been tagged! Repeat! We have been tagged!” Panel 25: They drive trying to make as much distance from the Yang Corp Ops as possible. Panel 26: The two Yang Operatives stand by a broken window in the diner. Panel 27: They exit the diner and person comes up to them, “Oh my God! Is everything all right?” Panel 28: We see the agents’ vehicle scream away from the diner. Panel 29: The bystander says, “I went live as soon as I saw the smoke!” Panel 30: The operative with the powers grabs her by the next while she talking, “Tell my followers what happ…” Panel 31:The operative says, “Quiet!” Panel 32: Blood streaming from her face he says, “Forget everything.” Panel 33: We see her faiting. Panel 34: The two agents leave the scene with the bystander laying on the ground.

End NOSEBLEED Season 2 Chapter 5

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