Nose Bleed Chapter 11

Derick Jones gives us Chapter 11 of Nosebleed. A 37 panel comic continuing the hunt for the mysterious pills that offer super powers.

37 panel comic entitled “Nosebleed” Chapter 11 by Derick Jones. Letters by Kyle Arrends, Edited by Nancy Scuri. — Reggie, Esper

Panel 1: Esper has found a tree and is urinating. Panel 2: “Snap,” a foot is seen. Panel 3: Close up on Esper, “?” Panel 4: We see Esper looking at Reggie who is holding his side which is the source of the significant blood loss. Esper, “Well. This is awkward. Who are you?” Panel 5: Close up on Reggie who’s entire left side has been injured as well as a gash along his right arm. Reggie is breathing heavily, “huff huff huff.” Panel 6: Esper, “And why are you all beat up.” Panel 7: Reggie reaches into his left pants pocket. Panel 8: Close up on the pill Reggie is pulling out. Panel 9: Esper looking agast as if an anwer to the question of where the pills went, “Son of a b—-” Panel 10: Esper approaches Reggie as calmly as he can, “That pill. Where did you get it.” Reggie continues to breathe with difficulty, “huff, huff”. Panel 11: Just Esper’s face, “It’s very dangerous.” Panel 12: Esper continues, “So be a good boy and hand it over.” Esper is engaging his powers causing the wind to pick up. Panel 13: Reggie leaning away from the approaching Esper who continues, “And tell me where the rest of em are.” Panel 14: Both Esper and Reggie look left hearing Johnny and Chris, “Blood Dude!” The other responds, “Think he went this way!” Panel 15: Seeing Esper taking in the situation, “Friends of yours?” Panel 16: We see Esper realizing Reggie about to ingest the pill from his pocket, “WAIT! NO!” Panel 17: We see Reggie with the pill in his mouth. Panel 18: Reggie is gaining the power endowed by the pill, but he is not aiming it at Esper or his pursuers. Panel 19: The panel reads, “BWIP”, Esper’s arm has shielded him and Reggie is gone. Panel 20: Esper still shielding himself. Panel 21: Esper assessing what just took place, “Huh…” Panel 22: Esper looking into the sky says, “Very interesting.” Panel 23: All black except for the lettering, “THUMP!!” Panel 24: We see Reggie with his eyes closed and electrical static, potential residue sparking around him. Panel 25: Reggie opening his eyes, “Huh?” Panel 26: The panel says, “Bok Building, South Philly”. Reggie takes in the situation, “How the…” Panel 27: Reggie comes to one knee, blood still draining from his nose, “How the fuck did I get up here?” Panel 28: Reggie comes to full standing with the wind blowing, “Woooooo.” Panel 29: We see Esper returning to the agents, “Bout time,” one of the agents says and Esper responds, “Good news.” Panel 30: Focus on Esper, “Those pills are close. Real close.” Panel 31: One of the agents, “Picked up a scent, huh? Good dog.” The other agent, “Lead the way.” Panel 32: We seee Esper with the Agents in the background. Esper says, “But first.” Panel 33: Esper engaging his powers. Panel 34: Esper shows his hand pushing his powers. Panel 35: Looking from behind Esper and the agents we see flame pouring out of his hand. Panel 36: We see the chard remains of the pilot still hanging from the trees, one of the agents says, “It’s a scent alright.” Panel 37: The three walking away from the scene Esper adds, “And it reeks like teen spirit.”

End PT1 SKUDS23 @skudsink

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