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artblog goes to the new Barnes and loves it – an image slide show


May 25, 2012   ·   4 Comments


We visited the Barnes Foundation at its new digs on the Parkway last Wednesday, May 16, the day of the press preview. We love the new building, and the collection looks fantastic with new state of the art lighting. The special exhibition gallery holds promise of offering additional art exhibits (including contemporary art) that expand upon Barnes’ idea of collecting radical art and educating the public about it. Below is our slide show of pictures. Many more at our flickr sets: Roberta’s flickr and Libby’s flickr. ¬†Go see the Barnes — it’s fantastic! And see our slide show when you click “more.”

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4 Responses to “artblog goes to the new Barnes and loves it – an image slide show”

  1. stuart roberts says:

    people should not go to the barnes yet. wait til at least mid june. (this advice comes from a barnes person i complained to yesterday after our disastrous experience there.) they are enforcing mandatory tours. you are not allowed to look at art on your own. the tour spends about a minute & a half per room. i was chided innumerable times for lagging behind my tour group & trying to look at the art. the tourguides even said they were rushing people through. the guards were told to get people out of the main room as quickly as possible. the rich people who own the barnes now clearly don’t want us looking at THEIR art. they just want us to admire that it’s THEIR art now. then they without any warning chased us out of the museum at 4:15 (closing time is 6) to let a group of wealthy people in. while i was complaining i saw a poor guy who had a 4:30 ticket who was never notified that his income group would not be admitted despite his ticket. yes, the art looks great & is displayed excellently & the people i spoke to who are not on the top of the barnes pyramid were very nice.i doubt there’s any hope for the contemptuous attitude toward their visitors of the people who own the place , though. so, i would definitely warn your readers, make sure this mandatory tour business has been discontinued if you actually want to be able to spend the hours there that you will need to spend to enjoy the great art.

  2. roberta says:

    Hi Stuart, I was there with Stella on Saturday and had a similar experience. Entrance ticket for 2pm and tiny slip of paper that said we’d get in at 3pm. Then, after an hour, ushered out at 4pm. They need to work the kinks out. But we enjoyed the building while we were waiting and the sound of the Boys Choir. As for the gentleman who couldn’t get in with his 4:30 ticket, I believe I read in the paper that they had a right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. I believe they will get this all worked out.

  3. stuart roberts says:

    hi roberta, the comment about the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing (& vice versa) pretty much says it. for selfish reasons, i hope things are straightened out by my next visit. definitely want to be able to spend a few hours without having to sneak around…

  4. sharon says:

    The museum looks beautiful, and it has the artwork and much of the display as the Barnes used to. But, to me, it is not the Barnes. It lacks the eccentricity of Dr. Barnes, and there are definitely no old-time neighbors coming up to me as I look at the property, and telling me how Dr. Barnes ignored them but invited their staff to his parties.

    The new space seems like an easier site for viewing the artwork–and may be a boon to the community. However, somehow, calling it the Barnes seems wrong to me. Perhaps “Son of Barnes” or “Barnes–Repossessed” strikes me as more apropos.

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