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Next Monday’s podcast–Mike Macfeat


June 12, 2012   ·   17 Comments


Artist Mike Macfeat is a teller of lies, and a teller of truths, a trickster messing with politics, ideas and images. True to his interest in muddying the line between fact and fiction, his most recent solo exhibit, Bar Sinister, at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (the show closed April 29, 2012), looked mainly like an abstract painting show in glorious colors with text or images subtly embedded, but all the “paintings” came out of a computer.  The faux paintings give a hint of his wicked sense of humor. Underneath that gruff exterior lurks a tender soul. He’s coming up in next Monday’s podcast interview, and here’s a sample of what he has to say:

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17 Responses to “Next Monday’s podcast–Mike Macfeat”

  1. I was just wondering, am I the first artist ever called a liar in print by artblog?
    Thanks for taking the time to interview me. I am looking forward to hearing the edited version.
    Stop me if I start lying.

  2. libby says:

    It’s a little late for that. I consider the show at TSA a sort of lie–or a sort of truth–depending on how I’m thinking about it. So, a liar in only the best sense of the word!!!!

  3. Sometimes lies expose the truth for what it is, which in most case is not as beautiful as people would like to believe. Most artists would not publicly admit to lying but I have always enjoyed cultivating the minority position.
    You know I take no umbrage at being called “a teller of lies”, it’s true and you know that I think it is funny.

  4. george lyne says: comment.

  5. John Black says:

    MM – haven’t I called you a liar in cyber print? If not, please let me know and I’ll remedy…

  6. libby says:

    Now I’m feeling terrible. I didn’t really mean that Michael Macfeat was a teller of lies. I better watch my choice of words. I should have left it at trickster. He’s a storyteller with something up his sleeve at all times. And very serious-ly funny!

  7. libby says:

    whew. There’s nothing like reading comments in the wrong order. It gives me a new perspective on reality, truth and lies.

  8. I am perfectly comfortable with “teller of lies”!
    In the words of Foghorn T. Leghorn, “It’s a joke, son.”
    Don’t feel terrible.
    John and George are both my friends and they are both troublemakers!
    I know these guys!
    George, John’s cousin Mike is married to Kevin’s sister Marianne Madden.
    It’s all in the family, Libby.
    Libby, you had to expect me to attract a rowdy crowd.
    George used to hand deliver HERETICAL SOCIETY flyers during First Fridays in the late 90’s. That should give you some indication of his character. I am not saying that he had to move to Arkansas after that but he did.
    It is all good.
    Let’s get this circus underway.

  9. I thought it was Jim Black!
    Jim is from Two Streeter and a bouncer at the bar across the street from me, O’Neals. While I was still working as a bouncer we were the best one/two punch of bouncers over 50.
    Sorry. None of the previous introduction makes sense.
    John wrote a wonderful essay for my online catalogue for BAR SINISTER @ TSA. Unlike most artists, I offered my catalogue for free. Of course it was unlikely that anyone would pay to read about me so it was a no-brainer.

  10. It’s amazing the amount of confusion that I leave in my wake!

  11. anton hurtado says:

    Tengo la confusión de quien lee a través de Google. No es importante, saco mis conclusiones. Importante es Mike Macfeat.

  12. george lyne says:

    i thought that whole Heretical Society thing was supposed to stay secret FOREVER…mike,you are forgetting the brawl at the vet during a cubs-phillies doubleheader..(was it HIM? no! ..HIM? no!…)and CLASH NIGHT at the walnut street theatre..1976…mike was the second person i knew who got the whole merle haggard/sex pistols dynamic..

  13. libby says:

    Gosh, I’m not sure what this says but for sure Mike Macfeat is important.

  14. libby says:

    uh oh. Mike gets a lot of stuff the rest of us don’t. That’s why he’s important!

  15. @ George Lyne: I could recite the entire story (and I might on my blog, well actually I am not fessing up to all of it) of the night we went to see The Clash.
    I have vivid memories how you got nailed in the back with a screwdriver (the drink, not the tool) and where we last saw the horizontal perpetrator. That section of the Vet coughed the jerk up to us so fast his head spun. The look on their faces when you, Kevin and I started wading trough the seats in search of the truth, priceless.
    I forget a lot but I retain the information that may someday good for a laugh. I think that I need to be interested in the subject to retain it.

  16. On the subject of my importance, I have none.
    Just look at the accolades that the art system has bestowed me over the years in such heaping quantities that you would need an electron microscope to examine them!
    Unfortunately, the subject of the electron microscope must be dead before it can withstand the examination.
    In this way, the electron microscope is similar to Philadelphia.

  17. anton hurtado says:

    Todo esto es normal. No es importante.
    En El País Vasco ocurre como en Philadelphia, artistas mediocres son reconocidos y otros, para mí importantes, ninguneados. Todo esto es normal. Adelante. SALUDos.

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