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New York Art Fairs – Armory Show Contemporary disappoints, Volta not so much


March 17, 2013   ·   3 Comments

Breath-taking iconoclasm.  Tala Madani, Brown Christmas 2012, oil on linen at Pilar Corrias

We attended the Armory Show and Volta, something we’ve been doing for a number of years. We may change it up next year because we were a tad bit underwhelmed this year. The free-for-all commercial atmosphere was not so thrilling — maybe we’re getting jaded, who knows.

Below are some pictures of favorite moments at The 2013 Armory Show and Volta. Loads more pictures at Libby’s Flickr (Armory & Volta) and Roberta’s Flickr (Armory & Volta).

The 2013 Armory Show.  We went to both Piers (92-Modern and 94-Contemporary)


Volta 2013 New York — making its debut in Soho (a move from a mid-town hotel).  Four thumbs up on the new location.  And gallerists Becky Kerlin of Gallery Joe and Christine Pfister of Pentimenti, both participants at Volta this year, told us they love the downtown locale.





3 responses to “New York Art Fairs – Armory Show Contemporary disappoints, Volta not so much”

  1. MATTHEW ROSE says:

    I love this format! Great to get the virtual visit, saves me a half an hour looking for the kybo! Only kidding.

    What did you think of the fair formats? Wasn’t Volta a one artist one stand show? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. roberta says:

    Hey Matthew, glad you like the format! If you click the images they open in a new window and then you click the image again and you can see it big, just in case you want to. And yes, Volta is a one artist/booth fair. We LOVE that! It gives the fair a coherence that fights against the natural chaos of the art fair format.

  3. Great pics! Nice to see Clint Jukkala here too- he has a nice local connection as he was part of a 2 person show at Tiger Strikes Asteroid with Mia Rosenthal back in 2010!

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