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One of the lancet windows designed by LeCompte and built by LeCompte and Higgins for the National Cathedral.

Crafting Light – Movie review of Let There Be Light, now on DVD

—>Dashiell sees the documentary film about stained glass artist Rowan LeCompte and the artisans who worked with him on a commission for the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and says we will all come away with a new appreciation of the medium after watching the movie. –the artblog editors————> Peter Swanson, the director of the new documentary “Let There Be Light”, spent six years behind the camera to tell the story of Rowan LeCompte, a master stained-glass artist who has been honing his craft for the past 70 years, and his work on the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. The film ... More » »

An illustration from Ungerer's "The Three Robbers" (1962)

Film Review – Far Out Isn’t Far Enough – The Tomi Ungerer Story

—>Dashiell’s movie review of the new documentary about Tomi Ungerer makes us want to see the film soon!—the artblog editors—————-> Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story” is a new documentary paying tribute to the eponymous illustrator – a visionary and highly controversial artist most renowned for his children’s books, but also famous for his anti-war posters, and his pornographic illustrations. Ungerer, now in his 80s, is the central figure of the film, narrating his own life story. The artist is wild, insightful, and often very funny, a thrilling persona to watch as he spouts aphorisms in a ... More » »

The Dufala Brothers stand in front of a wall of duct work they added to the space

Hidden City Festival 2013 — The Dufala Brothers explore defunct infrastructure in Frankford’s Global Dye Works

From now until June 30, Hidden City Philadelphia is hosting its second Hidden City Festival. Over the Festival’s six weeks, unique historic sites around the city will be transformed by artists, allowing visitors to interact with urban space and history in novel and engaging ways. One of nine project sites scattered around the city is in the boiler room of Frankford’s old Globe Dye Works. Here in this relic of industrial infrastructure, artists the Dufala Brothers have created an installation called Oil & Water, which explores and blurs the line between contemporary technologies of production and outdated industry. The Globe ... More » »

The Frankford Historical Society

Hidden City Festival 2013 — Data Garden’s a/v archaeology at the Frankford Historical Society

For the duration of the 2013 Hidden City Festival, a series of sound installations created by artists associated with Data Garden will offer visitors a unique context for exploring the collection of objects and artifacts on display at the Frankford Historical Society in Northeast Philadelphia. Data Garden is a record label, events producer, and online journal that works to foment engagement with history and science through communally generated electronic music. For their installation in the Frankford Historical Society’s basement, Data Garden members and sound artists Dino Lionetti, Joe Patitucci, Laura Baird, King Britt, and Jacob 2-2 are exploring historical artifacts ... More » »

At the Venice Biennial

DVD Review — Fold Crumple Crush – The Art of El Anatsui

“Fold, Crumple, Crush” is a quiet, charming documentary directed by Susan Vogel examining the life and work of Ghanaian-Nigerian artist El Anatsui. The film begins at the 2007 Venice Biennial where Anatsui is overseeing the construction of an exhibit of his work. Vogel then follows Anatsui to his home in Nigeria, gaining insights into the artist and his art from his colleagues at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, his assistants in his workshop, and from the man himself. Over the course of the film, we learn of Anatsui’s evolution as an artist, from paintings, to sculptures made from clay and ... More » »

Crumbling, peeling walls serve as beautiful counterparts to much of the art

Hidden City Festival 2013 site preview – Rabid Hands Arts Collective creates The Society of Pythagoras at Hawthorne Hall

From May 23rd to June 30th, Hidden City Philadelphia will hold its second Hidden City Festival, hosting art shows and events at nine sites around the Philadelphia area. Hidden City Philadelphia was born out of its previous festival, held in 2009. Now a successful full-time online magazine, Hidden City also hosts tours and events, and boasts a developing Community Action program. The idea of the Hidden City Festival is to mount contemporary, site-based art installations in little-known or endangered sites throughout Philadelphia, preferably with some kind of connection to the city’s heritage. For the 2013 festival, which features taglines like ... More » »

Within Mirrors

Within Mirrors – Successful collaboration of short films by Paul Clipson with Sound by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

It is not uncommon for the current generation of experimental and noise musicians to incorporate film into their performances. Oftentimes, the moving images feel arbitrarily chosen, as if selected merely to give the audience something to look at during performances in which the artists remain static. In rare instances, however, the relationship of abstract music to the film images with which it is paired is a symbiotic one, each informing and complementing the other. Such is the case on “Within Mirrors,” a DVD collection of seven short films, originally released between 2005 and 2008, by Paul Clipson featuring music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. ... More » »