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Jeremy Deller's print for "Love is Enough." Photo courtesy of the artist.

News post – Heather Ramsdale at @DCCA, @ICA Benefit ’15 advancing, @jeremydeller curates Warhol + Morris, opportunities and more!

News The concept of a “memory palace,” a type of visual mnemonic, goes back to the days of the Greeks and the Romans. Cedar Crest College’s new show Memory Palace, an exhibition of sculpture, painting, and video, showcases work by Jarrod Beck, Tiffany Calvert, and Barb Smith. As one might surmise from the show’s name, these three artists have been selected to address the failure of memory and its relationship with the physical world. Their examinations are supplemented by an artist reception on Thursday, February 19 from 6:15 – 7:45 p.m (refreshments served), and a discussion of the artists’ practices. All events are free and ... More » »

fountain with green water

The 2014 Libertas!

(Dear folks, 2014 was a good year for TheArtblog and we hope it was great for you as well. 2014 saw 433 new posts on TheArtblog, an average of 36 a month, including reviews, interviews, news, podcasts, comics and more reviews! We began our Knight-funded  The Artist and Social Responsibility Project and many of you gave generously for this groundbreaking collaboration between TheArtblog, local colleges and The Village of Arts and Humanities.  We Thank You and look for your continued support in 2015 as he class begins! Without further ado, the 2014 Libertas, brought to you by Roberta, Dre Grigoropol and Lianna ... More » »

Dev Hynes of Blood Orange doing what he does, directed by Alex Da Corte. Photo courtesy of Philly.com.

News post – Blood Orange vid shot by Da Corte, Temple & Little Berlin zine archive, Jill Bonovitz at the Hermitage, opportunities and more!

News  Sometimes you can take it with you. Beth Heinly, whose teenage pastime of compiling her friends’ assorted doodles, comics and writing in a 250-page zine called the 3 O’Clock Book, is committing the last copy of its 500-copy print run to the Special Collections at Temple University Libraries. It’s now part of the new Little Berlin zine archive at Temple, a project Heinly’s been overseeing herself.   Andrea Modica’s photos were used for a Sunday New York Times magazine section cover story on an American journalist’s captivity under al Qaeda. The article is harrowing enough, but the photos of Theo Padnos ... More » »

Judy Gelles' ethereal trailer park imagery, on view at LACMA now. Photo: LA Times, via the artist.

News post – OACCE welcomes Helen Haynes, Jennifer Bartlett’s “History” in the Hamptons, Judy Gelles at LACMA, opportunities and more!

News   As a sponsor of the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby this year, we’re enthusiastic about any and all efforts to bring attention to our local treasure. Adrienne Justice is currently producing a two-part film for NicJusticeMedia.com showcasing the 8th Annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby as well as the 9th Annual Trenton Avenue Arts Festival! You can view part one of the documentary, with the other soon to arrive. For those planning on attending Ed Sozanski’s memorial service, it’s been scheduled for May 31 at 10 AM at the First Unitarian Church. We have a new Chief Cultural Officer! In a press conference at ... More » »


News post – In memory of Todd Marrone, Retrospective Gallery launches, Tim Eads turns plight into potential, opportunities and more

News We were saddened to learn of the sudden passing of artist and educator Todd Marrone just before the new year. Well-known in Philly and beyond for his kindness as well as his talent, Marrone had been a teacher at Welsh Valley Middle School for the past sixteen years. His artwork is an instantly recognizable, ebullient part of the scenery in Manayunk, where he lived with his wife Heather and two children Rocco and Matilda. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to The Rocco and Matilda Marrone Scholarship Fund in care of: Lower Merion Education Association 306 Parsons ... More » »

Some of the Jaime Treadwell goodness that's out in print via Juxtapoz this month.

News post – Good Game mag debuts, KAWS at PAFA, Jaime Treadwell in Juxtapoz, opportunities and more!

News Via Sam Belkowitz – A new magazine in town promises to be a strong hitter for our city’s cultural journalism. Good Game, an upcoming art quarterly based in Philadelphia, seeks to be a conduit between Philly and the international art world. The first issue is slated to include artwork and writings by (get ready) Zoe Strauss, Thom Lessner, Jesse Butcher, Chip Schwartz, Sam Belkowitz, Jamie Diamond, Barbara Jenkings, Issac Lin, Matthew Pruden, Matthew Suib, Nadia Hironaka, Christopher P. Mcmanus, Lee Arnold, Thomas Devaney, Micah Danges, Will Brown, J Makary, Maria Dumlao, Jessie Pires, Shana Illingworth, Josh Rickards, Helen Cahng, Drew Dunlap, Michelle Chong, ... More » »

The artist formerly known as Candy Depew.

News post – Day Without Art-World AIDS Day, Alex Da Corte in Dublin, opportunities and more!

News For its 23rd year, the Institute of Contemporary Art is combining the annual Day With(out) Art with World AIDS Day, December 1, 2012. This year, Philadelphia HIV/AIDS and LGBQT activist join Penn undergraduate students for a lineup of programs including ribbon-making and film screenings. The Ribbon Bee, held from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM at 118 South 36th Street, is accompanied by speakers such as artist-activists Joy Episalla and Carrie Yamaoka (who are also participants in the roundtable discussions accompanying the film screenings). The film screenings take place at the International House from 2-4:30 PM; they are Kiyoshi Kuromiya: A Queer Left and ... More » »


Jolie Laide, Bleach, Nirvana, and things better left unsaid…

The gallery statement for the show Bleach by Alex Da Corte and Paul DeMuro at Jolie Laide begins by referencing the release and aesthetic characteristics of Nirvana’s album of the same name. I only read the description after seeing all of the work at the opening, and I didn’t make the connection until then. As if the show weren’t strong enough to begin with, Nirvana happens to represent my rock music roots and a certain amount of nostalgia for my late teens. After thinking I had a handle on this powerful show, I was forced to double back and revisit ... More » »

Lucas Ajemian and Julien Bismuth Set Pieces, 2008 digital video (color, sound) and powder coated steel dimensions variable Courtesy of the artists and INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, New York

Weekly Update – ICA’s focus on collaboration and Warhol

Collaboration is a road paved with landmines, and the way to avoid those is to stay focused on the goal. Luckily for the artists involved in the Institute of Contemporary Art’s “One is the Loneliest Number,” they have their eye on the prize. The exhibit features five collaborative teams, each comprised of two emerging artists who’ve been working together for four, six, even 10 years. Some of the work feels like the call and response of two individual voices, while other works sing with one voice. The show is haunting, as several pieces focus on isolation or miscommunication, shedding light ... More » »

Tetsugo Hyakutake, Nihonbashi #2, Tokyo, Japan, 2010 Archival Pigment Print

Alex Da Corte at MoMA, AIR’s free studios, Gallery 339’s Japan relief, Butch Cordora’s DVD and more news!

Alex DaCorte continues his razzle-dazzle art career when MoMA screens a video of his next week, Thursday, April 14. (Read Annette Monnier’s thoughtful review of Alex’s recent 2-venue show at Bodega and Extra Extra.) He’s one of 10 artists who were invited to create video responses to songs on Leonard Cohen’s 10-song album New Skin for the Old Ceremony, one song per artist.

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