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The "Winter Down" bridge and structure inside The Icebox, inside Crane.

Little Barnes on the Prairie – Winter Down’s jewel box salon at the Crane’s Icebox

Curators Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney harness the meta-ness of our zeitgeist by constructing a physical gallery within the massive confines of the Icebox project space at the Crane Arts Building. The exhibition, “Winter Down,” includes work by five artists – Amy Lincoln, Beth Livensperger, Mike Stifel, Becky Suss, and Douglas Witmer – all displayed in the skewed, pentagonal gallery-within-a-gallery constructed specifically for this show. Upon stepping into the Icebox at Crane, the first thing to confront the viewer is a white-walled, open-topped structure smack dab in the center of the room. Leading up to the fifth (missing) side is a hanging, ... More » »

Installation shot showing a sampling of the work peopling my face in your space

At Nexus–my face in your space

A fabulous show of contemporary portraits, my face in your space, at Nexus, is a reminder that 1) no two faces are alike 2) no two eyes are alike 3) no two minds are alike, and 4) we all love to look at faces.