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Liberta takes a meeting with Barack Obama.

The Return of Liberta–awards for 2009

2009 is the year artblog had its sixth birthday and graduated to a WordPress design and a real logo and new maps and listings!  Liberta made it to the Miami art fairs this year for the first time.  Loved it, won’t be going back — we’ll take Manhattan. Volta New York is still our favorite art fair.   This also was the year Liberta realized some people hate her. Frankly we don’t give a damn and will carry on as if everybody loved us. Hey we love everybody almost.

Joe DiGiuseppe, a FLUX founder, whose task was to "get stuffed."

FLUX Re-task picture post

Here’s a few pictures from last night’s Re-task up at FLUXspace.  The event was packed and there were a lot of really creative things being made and a lot of very good energy.  I have more photos at flickr.

Installation shot showing a sampling of the work peopling my face in your space

At Nexus–my face in your space

A fabulous show of contemporary portraits, my face in your space, at Nexus, is a reminder that 1) no two faces are alike 2) no two eyes are alike 3) no two minds are alike, and 4) we all love to look at faces.

Susanna Gieske, You Can't Help Yourself. The family here is eating in the middle of the exhibition.

Victory for Philadelphia

The three top prizes at this year’s Victory for Tyler exhibit (subtitled Sculpture 2009), went to Philadelphia artists. The huge, 29-artist exhibit attracted 500 people to Saturday’s opening at the Ice Box at the Crane Arts Center. There is a second opening tonight, at The Crane’s Second Thursday, 6-9 p.m.  that will include some more performances. So it would be a good time to go if you missed the opening, since performance was a key part of so many of the pieces.

Photo post: First Friday we saw and we thought

Thought I’d take you on a tour with me and Andrea of some of the stuff we saw. To see all my pictures, go to my Flickr set here. 222 GalleryBig Kids, Little Kids, curated by John Freeborn Jesse Goldstein, Stripes, screenprint, 18 x 24 inches The first gallery, 222, and the first piece I saw was Stripes, by Jesse Goldstein, and what a great beginning. It was beautiful and struck me as a reverse UPC code! Speaking of commerce and upc codes, the exhibit is filled with bargains. Check it out. Plus show curator John Freeborn’s book, Big Kids, ... More » »

Hello ! Gallery, bye bye world

A nice crowd turns out for ! Gallery’s grand opening I don’t know how to get to 727 Oak Lane with public transportation. But after I saw the exhibit at ! Gallery, I wish I had. The exhibit is entitled The World Won’t End But Ours Will is about the earth going to hell in a handbasket. I feel tremendous guilt for getting up there all by myself in my car, even though it is a Prius. The toxic tarte For all its gloom and doom, the exhibit has a jaunty air. The tone was well represented by one of ... More » »


Weekly Update (1) – Space at Gallery Joe and FUEL

Lynne Clibanoff mini-environment in a small plywood box. Click image to see it bigger [This week’s Weekly has my review of Gallery Joe’s Drawing Spaces, the 2-person exhibit of sculpture and drawings by Lynne Clibanoff and Cheryl Goldsleger. There’s also a sketch about the new FUEL Gallery. Here’s the link to the art page and below is the copy with pictures. And here’s Libby’s post on Drawing Spaces. Stay tuned..more pictures in a moment. And see my flickr set for additional photos and Libby’s flickr set as well.] All Spaced OutAn architectural show evokes both dream worlds and real worlds. ... More » »

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