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Director of Research, Jonathon Keats, at the helm of his epigentic cloning project, AC Institute, New York in 2012. Keats is set to clone Obama, Gaga and Jesus in Berlin this month.

Letter from Berlin – Forgeries, pheromones and clones, ten questions for Jonathon Keats

Jonathon Keats has brought the cerebral into the art marketplace. Nearly 15 years ago he sat in a gallery for 24 hours looking at a nude model and selling his thoughts to art collectors. A few years later he copyrighted his mind as a sculpture. In 2004, he tried to genetically engineer God to get to the essence of the Divine.  He’s enlisted string theory to purchase real estate in other dimensions, and created a silent four-minute and thirty-three second ring tone remixing John Cage’s composition 4’33” .  And he even sold collectors the experience of spending money. Now in ... More » »

Floria Gonzalez, "We'll be ok/vamos a estar bien." Digital photography on cotton. Courtesy of Magrorocca, Milan and PINTA.

News post – Obama re-elected, Patricia Goodrich all over the world, Theodore Harris at AAI, opportunities and more!

News The dust and dollars of the election season have finally settled, with victory for President Obama and high hopes for the next four years. If you’re looking to read up on the implications of his win for the art world, take a look at some stats on his positions on the arts, courtesy of Art League. Relief for Hurricane Sandy’s victims continues, especially in the battered arts community of New York. Among the organizations that have intervened to provide assistance, PINTA, which honors ­Latin American art with an annual art fair, has converted this year’s Art Fair (November 15 to 18, ... More » »

Liberta takes a meeting with Barack Obama.

The Return of Liberta–awards for 2009

2009 is the year artblog had its sixth birthday and graduated to a WordPress design and a real logo and new maps and listings!  Liberta made it to the Miami art fairs this year for the first time.  Loved it, won’t be going back — we’ll take Manhattan. Volta New York is still our favorite art fair.   This also was the year Liberta realized some people hate her. Frankly we don’t give a damn and will carry on as if everybody loved us. Hey we love everybody almost.

Copyright ruckus: Creative Commons’ Lawrence Lessig and Shephard Fairey at the NY Public Library

Shephard Fairey’s poster of Barack Obama, here with the word progress.  You’ve all probably been following the sad tale of Shephard Fairey being sued by the AP over copyright infringement for the image that is the basis of the bigger than big Obama HOPE poster. Donn Zaretsky’s Art Law Blog has the track back info and a roundup of comments from lots of folks like Peter Schjeldahl whose world weary comment that he’s basically for the artists but bored with the issue is a little hard to take given that this a pitched battle with real money and property rights ... More » »

Canadians cover Obama

An email from my brother Barry, in Edmonton: Hi all, It was great inauguration. Was touched. As a side light, I am in Canada. How did the Canadian press respond to the event. In addition to the 4 US network Spokane affiliates I could have watched the same picture on three or four Canadian networks. This mornings Edmonton Journal had a full page picture of the Obama’s and devoted the first several pages to the story. The last time the Edmonton Journal covered any story in this depth, Canadian or otherwise, may have been 9-11. Nothing like this after a ... More » »

artblog watches the inauguration of Barack Obama!

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on inauguration day.  Photo by Charles Dharapak/Associated Press. Courtesy New York Times. We want to be there sort of (we don’t like the crowds so much). But we’ll be watching with the rest of all of us on our tv in the studio. Enough with the blogging already (salt water on computer keyboards not a good mix). And on with the nation’s business! Huzzah! Does it get any better than this?

Annals of advertising and uncontrollable optimism

The center of art commerce has moved to Miami this weekend. The art fairs bring us tons of emails nattering for attention. This one, with its image of our forthcoming faithful leader worked for us. Maybe we’re turning into silly teenage fans, but we were both happy to look at this image! It gives us hope at this moment of national failure–both because at last there will be some competence in the White House and because the triumph of the commercial side of art is also about the triumph of prosperity for artists. Here’s the email text: MR. BRAINWASH UNVEILS ... More » »

Report from Trinidad–The whole world’s watching

Here’s an excert from an email Minna wrote from Trinidad, where she is honeymooning with Ben: I believe it is the first time I have felt proud to be an American. It was astonishing to think that, and I was totally overwhelmed and excited. People here are psyched but already worried his [Obama’s] life will be threatened. We woke up and walked around a major shopping strip in downtown Trinidad in Port of Spain, the capital; a business had a big congratulations banner hanging to Obama. We went to a beach an hour’s drive away and in the sand there ... More » »

Barack Obama in any language

I spotted this pin, which says Barack Obama in Hebrew letters, plus ’08 and www.barackobama.com. A guest was sporting it at the rehearsal dinner Oct. 24, for my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. After listening to McCain’s claims that he is Israel’s only friend, I thought this interesting: All the Israelis and natives of Israel I spoke to at the wedding, and there were quite a few, were supporting Obama. In any language, get out there and vote! I hope it’s for Obama! Please vote today!

Best Meta-Obamas ever

Artist and artblog pal Ditta Baron Hoeber sent us this little Halloween photo and it wins my vote for best costume. Hi Roberta and Libby.  Here’s a nice photo of LA artist Jubilee A. Horn as he made himself up for Halloween.  thought you’d like to see it.  ditta. Jubilee A. Horn after Shepherd Fairey after Barack Obama Barack Obama by Shepherd Fairey