Canadians cover Obama

An email from my brother Barry, in Edmonton:

Hi all,

It was great inauguration. Was touched.

As a side light, I am in Canada. How did the Canadian press respond to the event.

In addition to the 4 US network Spokane affiliates I could have watched the same picture on three or four Canadian networks.

This mornings Edmonton Journal had a full page picture of the Obama’s and devoted the first several pages to the story.

The last time the Edmonton Journal covered any story in this depth, Canadian or otherwise, may have been 9-11. Nothing like this after a Canadian election.

CBC radio solicited suggestions from its listeners for putting together a CD of Canadian music to be sent to Obama. (Don’t laugh, there are many world renowned Canadian performers, including Oscar Peterson, Jazz piano, Ian Tyson and various pop artists.)

Question in the papers – When will Canada have its first native PM? See, Some Canadians think of themselves as superior the Americans. (Bush made this easier to fall into this type of nonsense). Well now the US is morally superior, as seen from the question.

Of course there is only limited Canadian news, so they have to carry other stuff, such as US crime (there is not enough of it in Canada to fill the need for this type of story…)

In my way of thinking, the Canadian media overdid it.

P. S. Obama’s first foreign visit will probably be to Canada.