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Straight Water Blues — Barbara Bullock at LaSalle University Museum

[A.M. Weaver reviews new and older works by Barbara Bullock, explaining Bullock’s use of color, her love of reading, and her propensity for travel–and how these factors play into the artist’s work. — the artblog editors] Barbara Bullock has done it again! She has dared to present her works in a new way at the LaSalle University Museum, in an exhibition that opened on June 12 and runs until August 7, 2014. Straight Water Blues is an installation of select works that premiered at Seraphin Gallery in 2013, in addition to three new works. Bullock’s floating fish, ancestral spirits, birds, and abstract forms soar ... More » »

Chasing After Spirits

Barbara Bullock – Chasing after Spirits with paint, paper and shadows at Seraphin Gallery

In Chasing after Spirits, Barbara Bullock’s latest works at Seraphin Gallery, vestigial memories, oral tradition, characters, and abstractions do indeed chase each other through the artist’s fevered narratives. These huge structures, three-dimensional paintings spanning several different series of works, are close to the imagery one might experience as part of a vision quest. Profoundly cohesive, each work forms its own narrative world, but also flows effortlessly into sync with the others in the room. With African culture and ancestry as her primary point of departure, the milieu consists of luminous, hothouse colors, prints teased into infinite abstraction, and curvilinear floral, ... More » »

Interface Studio's 100K Houses. Courtesy of designwire.interiordesign.net.

News post – Social change at Drexel, Philly at PULSE, Second State scholarship, opportunities and more!

News Renowned graphic designer and UArts alum Craig Holden Feinberg is partnering with the Pearlstein Gallery for an exhibition on the social impact of design and imagery. The programming begins with Holden Feinberg’s two-day residency at Drexel University as a Rankin Scholar of the Graphic Design program.  On May 14, the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery begins an exhibition of Holden Feinberg’s work, displayed until Friday, June 8.  The opening reception on Friday, May 18 at 5 p.m. features a panel discussion on raising awareness of local and global social issues, as well as displays of Holden Feinberg’s shocking, funny and forceful design work. ... More » »

We dig Dig!

Roberta’s installation shot with Zoe Strauss’s photos, Jen Packer’s paintings, Nick Lenker’s Elephant in the Room and Kip Deeds’ scroll and small painting. Roberta’s photo of Jayson Scott Musson’s posters, with JT Kirkland and Jen Packer (well, half of her) on the left. Libby’s photo of Thom Lessner and Nick Lenker’s works Libby’s photo of Barbara Bullock and Candy Depew’s works. Thought we’d share some pictures of Dig, the show of Philly artists we curated at H and F Fine Arts in Mt. Rainier, MD. The show looks great — we think! And we hope you can get there! More ... More » »

Weekly Update – Evoking Spirit, Embracing Memory

This week’s Weekly has my review of Evoking Spirit, Embracing Memory in Baobab Park, an exhibit of bottle trees sponsored by Village of Arts and Humanities. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. Message in a BottleVillage of Arts and Humanities’ new project shines. Martina Johnson Allen’s Flight of the Songbird, detail, honoring Tammy Terrell. The bottle trees of Baobab Park at 11th and York stand in a circle like a convention of totems. A project of the nearby Village of Arts and Humanities, the 12 sculptural trees by 12 different artists don’t necessarily look like ... More » »