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The 3:00 Book

detail of poster for 'Quodlibet' by Katja Spitzer

Spot Color and Books Not for Kindle at Nobrow Press, London – A Studio Visit

I learned of Nobrow Press when I saw one of their ‘books’ in the shop at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.  I use quotes because the publication in question, Rise and Fall, by the American Artist, Micah Lindberg, was a text-less accordion fold (or leporello), printed on both sides. I wrote about it when discussing Holiday Books on November 6, 2012. I was struck by the quality of the printing, as well as the format, both of which were closer to a fine art print than to a traditional book. From an e-mail correspondence I learned that the press used ... More » »

A view of the viewing performance at the Rotunda in March

Last Ride of Andria Morales with stuffing by Beth Beverly

Andria Morales used to be Andria Bibiloni. But since her art work is all about her identity–and Puerto Rican identity in the U.S., and everyone else’s identity as well, she decided to stage a funeral for the artist formerly known as Bibiloni.