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Joe Girandola

News – Artists in the Media, Philly.com content sharing, Wikipedia blackout, and more!

News In the Media Iain Ball‘s show Pangea: Rare Earth Sculptures at Extra Extra is featured in this month’s issue of Art Papers. Joe Girandola‘s duct tape paintings look great in a Stylelist.com article. Zoe Strauss‘s photo-billboards appear in an editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News that compares them favorably to the city’s many murals. Amber Dorko Stopper is named Craft Editor at InCultureParent Magazine.

Thomas Gartside, grid of toy soldier portraits in Queries at Art on the Avenue

On the avenue – Lancaster Avenue that is

Queries, or queer eyes, as the show’s organizer, Blaise Tobia, pronounced the title when I visited, gathers human-centric works — mostly photographic — that take you on an exploration of the world. It’s a quirky trip, led by five able and idiosyncratic artist-explorers. And as Tobia says in his curator’s statement …”these works function…in a way that I wish more art functioned — playful, but by no means trivial; evocative rather than didactic; formally astute but not self-satisfied.”

Weekly Update — Blaise Tobia’s Open Studio at Silicon

This week’s Weekly has my review of Blaise Tobia’s show “Open Studio” at Silicon Gallery. Below is the copy with some adds, changes and photos. Blaise Tobia, Plain & Fancy (ruby+gray) 2008 Like those “separated at birth” photos, Blaise Tobia‘s photographic pairings turn the world into a series of unnatural twins.  But the artist’s twosomes, as well as his other more single-focused works, are not comic — they’re observations that deliver poetic thoughts about the world.  In his show of large and small digital photographs at Silicon Gallery the artist and Drexel prof’s Plain and Fancy series compares textures from ... More » »

Report from China: The contemporary art scene

Post by Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia View down alley at M50. All photos in the post provided by Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia Like much of modern China, the infrastructure of its contemporary art scene has been based on American and European models. Anyone with experience visiting galleries and studios in Long Island City (New York) or River North (Chicago) or Brunnenstrasse (Berlin) can step right into the 798 District of Beijing or the M50 District of Shanghai and get right to business. Shopping Gallery, a new gallery representing young artists in M50 Former industrial spaces have been converted, ... More » »

Philadelphia meets Guilin

Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowicz in Guilin China. Picture provided by the artists. For all you armchair travelers….we couldn’t resist putting up this great picture from Philadelphia artists Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowicz. You know they’re not in Kansas anymore. Here’s the note they sent and we’re hoping to get a report on the Shanghai art scene from them when they’re back from China. Woohoo! Ni Hao (hello) from Shanghai, where we’re finishing up our China trip. China is truly an astonishing place – we urge that you see it if at all possible. The Chinese people are friendly, open ... More » »

Weekly Update – New Books in West Philly!

This week’s Weekly has my review of two new books coming out of West Philadelphia, one by Blaise Tobia and the other by Laurence Salzmann. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. Pump out the Volume Two local photographers self-publish their bilingual artist books. Blaise Tobia, photograph from his new book, The Castle of Eufemio. Book publishing’s gone through the roof in Philadelphia with easy digital layout tools and online self-publishing giving rise to a mini-tsunami of softcover catalogs and artist’s books. Now two West Philly artists—Laurence Salzmann and Blaise Tobia—have self-published two beautiful hardcover photo-essay ... More » »

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