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Reshape ABB Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Chaos and harmony in Arden Bendler Browning’s cityscapes at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

It is easy to dismiss the city landscape. Usually my husband and I hurry from one place to another, not taking the time to admire the architecture, the sights and, of course, the people. Despite its sometimes overwhelming pace and tendency to isolate her dwellers, the city can be quite lovely. Arden Bendler Browning’s show, Clickpath at Bridgette Mayer Gallery effectively rejoices in the frenzied aesthetic qualities of the unique metropolis that is Philadelphia. Bendler Browning sees a romance in the varying states of maintenance and decay throughout the urban scene. Her paintings convey an impression of the blurred images ... More » »

Leslie Wayne, One Big Love #74, 2012, Oil on Panel, 10 x 14". Courtesy of Bridgette Mayer Gallery.

Painting abstraction in three different ways at Bridgette Mayer

The current three-some of painters at Bridgette Mayer Gallery ask how many ways a painting can be abstract. Works in the large galleries pair Leslie Wayne’s small sculptural paintings and Neil Anderson’s large lyrical topographies. While Wayne is interested in using paint as a sculptural material, Anderson’s work reinforces paint’s flatness. Matthew Fischer, in the Vault, presents work that is between these two extremes. Wayne’s “One Big Love #50” from 2010 encapsulates many of the ideas that are central to the artist’s work. The poured field of paint is a nod to Helen Frankenthaler and the history of Abstract Expressionism, but ... More » »


Friday Picture post – Federico Herrero, gone from Bridgette Mayer but not forgotten

The softly pulsing tropical delights of Costa Rican painter Federico Herrero are gone from Bridgette Mayer Gallery, replaced by the hard-edged ambiance of Nathan Pankratz this month.  There is room in this world for all.  But I want to say I  found sunshine inside Mayer’s gallery the day I saw Herrero’s gorgeous pastel-inflamed universe — and it was raining outside.  Herrero’s happy works, with their roots in street art painting –note the cartoon characters and the proud spray paint drips — are loveable.  The artist made his mark painting exterior walls in Costa Rica, then made his big mark on ... More » »

Nathan Pankratz

Bridgette Mayer reopens with Karmic Abstraction

The show Karmic Abstraction marks the much anticipated reopening of Washington Square’s Bridgette Mayer Gallery. Closed for renovations throughout much of 2011, the gallery has a fresh and expanded interior set to handle all of the large-scale works in a show of this kind. Karmic Abstraction is an exhibition by sixteen nationally and internationally recognized artists. Conceptually, it seeks to tap into the multitude of ways in which standing before a work of art can affect the viewer, as well as the ideas and actions that define the individual artists and their personal histories.

Mel Bochner 'Blah, Blah, Blah' (2010) oil on velvet

Art Miami and Design Miami, 2011

On the way to Art Miami, held this year in the midst of a group of other fairs in Wynwood, across the bay from Miami Beach, I ran into Jayson Musson who was heading off to see a friend at Scope, one block south.  Jayson had come to Miami to do Hennessy Youngman Presents: His History of Art at the NADA fair on December 1, and commented that the entry price to Art Basel Miami Beach was prohibitive. It was. I mentioned that those of us in Philadelphia wish him well, but also wish his descriptor, living in New York ... More » »


Painter Tim McFarlane next on artblog radio

Two large group shows of abstract paintings are showing in Philadelphia this month. One is at the Crane but the other, opening Nov. 15 at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, marks the inauguration of the gallery’s newly redesigned space. Included in that show is painter Tim McFarlane, who has been with her gallery since 2001. Among the things we wanted to know–whether the imagery in his painting represents anything in particular, and how he uses the internet; we met McFarlane online when we started artblog in 2003. Here’s a brief sample of our conversation. Listen to the full episode next Monday. Tim ... More » »

3rd Ward

News: West Collects (with the mayor), 3rd Ward in Philly,Tina Barney lecture and more!

News West Collection launches $300,000 art acquisition project–$100,000 set aside for Philly artists It was all about money outside City Hall the other day as Occupy Phladelphia protested economic issues; and it was all about money inside, too, when Paige West, with Mayor Nutter by her side, announced plans for a $300,000 arts acquisition project on the part of the West Collection, with $100,000 earmarked for Philadelphia artists. “West Collects” has no fee to apply, and the winners will be selected in April 2012. Any artists over the age of eighteen working in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation or video mediums ... More » »

Spiral Jetty

News roundup for you

Sad News Walter Edmonds We are sad to bring you the news that Philadelphia Artist Walter Edmonds, 73, died of a heart attack on June 12th.

Rebecca Jacoby, "Bubbles." Oil, Acrylic, Pastel Collage on Canvas. 32” x 38”. 2010

Abstract processes fuel two at LG Tripp and two at Bridgette Mayer

Rebecca Jacoby, one of two artists featured at LG Tripp this month, has a bright pastel palette after my own heart. Many of her works are done in acrylic, oil, pastel and collage. For such a wide array of media, she utilizes her materials in a way that they are blended beyond individual identification, making her pieces very cohesive and whole.

Painting by Paul Demuro, whose work is at Jolie Laide this month

Weekly Update – First Friday group show at Jolie Laide and Charles Burwell at Bridgette Mayer

De-Nature, the seven-person group show at Jolie Laide, demonstrates how artists love to mess around, ie transform or de-nature things, on the way to creating something new. Guest curator Wendy White is a New York artist, and most of the artists are New Yorkers with track records exhibiting in and around the Big Apple.  So it’s a New York show — go see it anyway.

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