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They're On Their Way  Flashe, watercolor, acrylic ink, gouache on Rives BFK 22" x 30"  2009

Are movies the new boudoir art?

Back when royal courts were major art purchasers, painters like Francois Boucher, Rubens and many others got to exercise their sexy muscle on behalf of their royal employers, painting titillating works based on mythology. Many of these erotic paintings (some specifically for the boudoir) now sit in major art museums around the world, a reminder that the erotic in art once had great appeal for patrons who liked a little (or a lot of) sensory pleasure in their paintings and sculpture. As Jonathan Jones said recently about old master paintings in Britain’s National Gallery: “A great painting can be shockingly ... More » »

Susanna Gieske, You Can't Help Yourself. The family here is eating in the middle of the exhibition.

Victory for Philadelphia

The three top prizes at this year’s Victory for Tyler exhibit (subtitled Sculpture 2009), went to Philadelphia artists. The huge, 29-artist exhibit attracted 500 people to Saturday’s opening at the Ice Box at the Crane Arts Center. There is a second opening tonight, at The Crane’s Second Thursday, 6-9 p.m.  that will include some more performances. So it would be a good time to go if you missed the opening, since performance was a key part of so many of the pieces.

First Friday ramble

Beth Brandon, Clearing, 8.5″ x 11″, 2008We headed out to Old City and Chinatown last Friday and saw some stuff worth seeing. TOPSTITCH Beth Brandon‘s show at Topstitch was our first stop. Her small eco-drawings showed a seriousness of purpose with their intense mark-making. The woodsy iconography floating on a sea of white is familiar (Justin Witte, Ben Volta, Robyn O’Neil, etc) but the dreaminess and the fashion sensibility (a series of drawings show a line of balaclavas made from leaves) give it a little surprise. Brandon will be in a two-person show at Copy Gallery in September. That show’s ... More » »

Oliver Herring on failure and success at FLUXspace

Oliver Herring dressed for the chill at the FLUXspace preview of his videos. Oliver Herring, 43, was having one of those flush-of-success moments in the world of art–celebrating his exhibit at Max Protetch Gallery–when Philadelphia FLUXspace organizers, Joe DiGiuseppe and Chris Golas walked in, recognized the artist, and blurted out a request. The two younger men are recent graduates from Tyler School of Art. They started a gallery and studio space in one of the rougher parts of town. DiGiuseppe ran with the moment and asked Herring to use his art magic to help build some bridges between FLUXspace and ... More » »

People Post!! from Art for the Cash Poor

We brought our wares to the fair on Saturday and tended our table for hours. Along came many familiar faces, many new faces we hadn’t met but had written about. It was great to see everybody — and we even sold a piece or two!! Here’s our pictures from the event. More on Roberta’s flickr and on Libby’s flickr. Andrew Jeffrey Wright Space 1026 founder, AJW, was selling his work and his girlfriend, Crystal Kovak’s work. Here he’s holding one of Crystal’s drawings and wearing a shirt with one of his images on it. He said he never counts the ... More » »

Kensington’s art world expands

by Jen Packer We both had a great time last semester teaching a senior painting studio class at Tyler. The students were great, and sooo interesting and talented. So when some of them let us know they were having amazingly brief exhibits to mark the end of their BFA, Roberta went to see part of the group, and I went to see another part. Friday, Murray and I headed out to the wilds of Kensington (see picture below of young man and his snake) and found this really huge, amazing gallery space plus 20 artists studios there, in an old ... More » »