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Dox Thrash Tribute mural, blacked-out at 2442 Cecil B. Moore Ave.

Breaking news – Dox Thrash Tribute mural is blacked out by vandals

Sometime over the Thanksgiving weekend a person or persons, for reasons unknown, painted over the Dox Thrash Tribute mural at 2442 Cecil Be Moore Ave, obliterating the image in one outrageous stroke of vandalism. The Mural Arts Program, which commissioned the mural, learned of the defacement on Monday when the owner of the building on which the mural was painted phoned it in. He was as shocked as the Mural Arts staffers. “It’s official vandalism,” said Thora Jacobson, Design Review Director at MAP, adding that it seemed obvious it was a professional job. The mural spanned the side of a ... More » »

Weekly Update – Missing Masters at Woodmere

This week’s Weekly has my review of the Lewis Tanner Moore collection exhibit In Search of Missing Masters at Woodmere. Below is the copy with some photos. More pictures at flickr. Claude Clark, We Are Sisters, 1949 Lewis Tanner Moore’s collection of African-American art, on view at Woodmere Art Museum, is chock full of great work by artists whose names you’ve probably never heard and whose art you’ve probably never seen. Raymond Steth, Institution Series #1, 1980. lithograph African-American artists are often excluded from the mainstream art world. A local collector and the grandnephew of Postimpressionist painter Henrey Ossawa Tanner, ... More » »


The Pyramid Club at Art Around Gallery

Woman in Red Dress, 1941, by Dox Thrash (sorry about the reflections) On my way the the Morgellons opening at Fleisher/Ollman, I bumped in Walter Edmonds on his way to Art Around Gallery. I thought it was pretty funny, me with my white face going to a gallery that attracts an overwhelmingly white crowd and Edmonds, with his brown face, going to a gallery that attracts an overwhelmingly African American crowd. Old Church, restriking of a linocut by Hale Woodruff Edmonds’ destination, which is at 2011 Chestnut, is more than a year old and specializes in African-American art (I think ... More » »