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Docent Days — A Winning Essay in the Art Writing Contest!

[Dear readers, we are publishing the essays of the 16 finalists in the New Art Writing Challenge Contest on artblog and the St. Claire! Today, we publish the finalists in the category 1,000 words or less. Thanks to all those who participated and submitted more than 70 articles. And thanks to our jurors–Hrag Vartanian, Abigail Satinsky and Nell McClister–who picked the winners. We are energized by all the wonderful writing that was submitted and know you will enjoy reading it! — the artblog editors] Finalists in the category – 1,000 words or less Docent Days An experience at the Fabric ... More » »

Sarah Sze at the press preview of her show at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

Starstruck at the Fabric Workshop – An audio slide show of Sarah Sze’s new exhibition

(Lucy finds herself starstruck at the Sarah Sze press preview at the Fabric Workshop and Museum. She ponders the definition of site-specific art in  3 floors of works made with paper, metal and “stuff,” where each floor is a new Sze-planet to explore. The show seems to raise the idea of less, loss, and wonder in the ordinary. Lucy’s audio slide show will guide you through it all. More information on the show, which is up until April 6, 2014, at the Fabric Workshop’s website. — the artblog editors)

New work at Thinkspace by NoseGo.

News post – Philebrity vs. Streets Dept, Arch Enemy Arts gets fantastic, the PMA’s endowment win, see Sze for free, opportunities and more!

News   This year, as you enjoy the holiday season, you can bedeck your halls with sweet and original artwork while supporting the Philly creative community. From now until December 30, the AIGA Philadelphia SPACE is putting on their Holiday Pop-Up-Shop, where you’ll be able to find everything from t-shirts, stickers, gift wrap, and, of course, prints by: Steve DeCusatis, Peter Camburn, Brigette Indelicato, Matt Cavanaugh, Kaitlyn Ryan, Kevin Kernan, Alana Seggman, Allan Espiritu, Robb Leef, Marybeth Kradel-Weitzel, Josh Carter, Thieves & Beggars, and AIGA. The SPACE Pop-Up Shop is open Thursdays 3–7 PM, Fridays & Saturdays 1–7 PM, and other times as announced, through December. Philebrity and Streets Dept put their art-critiquing dukes up this week in a ... More » »

Sarah Sze's daunting setup at the Fabric Workshop. Courtesy of the artist and the FWM.

News post – Sarah Sze bends minds at FWM, InLiquid lets Dancing Critters into Shipley, Skout Media does up Old City, opportunities and more!

News Lots of buzz this week surrounding new, tremendous site-specific sculptural work by Sarah Sze at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM): Sze’s first solo show as the FWM’s Artist-in-Residence (not to mention the US representative at the 2013 Venice Biennale) is kicking off tonight with an artist lecture at 5:30 pm, then a reception until 8pm. This show, on view through April 6, 2014, culminates with a publication. If you’re anything like us, videos that capture the spirit of our favorite neighborhoods are the equivalent of the Rocky theme music. Skout Media won us over this week with a beautiful presentation called “Old City ... More » »

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, "Permutations," 1976

Changing scenes – points of view in contemporary media art at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

You begin with “Permutations.” You stare into the eyes of a woman; a black screen; a white screen. You strain to see strands of hair dance along the back of her head; a white screen; a black screen. You watch in anticipation as the woman stands before you, her eyes closed; a white screen. Eyes open. Eyes closed. Black screen. After 10 minutes of engaging with Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s 1976 film, you turn around to gaze into “Visual Text: Finger Poem” (1968-1973), studying artist Valie Export’s hands as she silently communicates an interpretation of Heideggerian thought, leaving you searching her fingers for some ... More » »

Manifesto. From left to right: Olympia Scarry, Antoine Guerrero, Lola Montes Schnabel, Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, Ena Swansea, Ellen Berkenblit. © Sasha Arutyunova.

News post – In memory of Clinton Swingle, flora + fauna at 161 West, Ena Swansea at the French Alliance, opportunities and more!

News Clinton Darlington Swingle, the developer of the historic Fabric Workshop and Museum at 1214 Arch Street, passed away on January 27. He was responsible for modernizing and completely renovating the Museum into the modern galleries and studio spaces there today; additionally, he was involved with many of the Museum’s Artist-in-Residence installations. As a tribute to Swingle, on February 2 the Brooklyn-based, modern percussion ensemble So- Percussion performed their last piece, Clapping Music by Steve Reich at FWM. In lieu of flowers and notes, individuals may make a donation to The Fabric Workshop and Museum in memory of Clint Swingle to fund the building operations. Phil ... More » »

Theaster Gates doing a Jack Palance

Theaster Gates talks at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

The Martin Luther King Day of Service at the Fabric Workshop and Museum featured a talk by uber-international hot-ticket-artist Theaster Gates (pronounced with “aster” at the end). Gates, whose work includes making utopian spaces in cities, where people can meet and work, also does performance, clay and so much more. He is a guy who is hoping his art can rebuild how the world works, one brick at a time. He is installing a workspace at the FWM that goes by the stop-you-in-your-tracks moniker Soul Manufacturing Corporation–To Make the Thing that Makes the Things. By time he was done speaking, ... More » »

“Threaded Interface” by Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza Courtesy of the artists.

FiberPalooza – Pae White’s Summer XX at the FWM and Threaded Interface at Grizzly Grizzly

Threaded Interface, a collaboration between two Detroit-based artists, comes alive in Grizzly Grizzly’s small space when viewers interact with it:  Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza have made a glorious piece. Cuppetelli comes from a fiber background (weaving) and enjoys the interaction between garment and body coupled with a minimalist aesthetic. Mendoza’s interests lie at the intersection of craft and technology, influenced by the work of Jesus Soto.  Threaded Interface, a site-specific installation, consists of physical elastic ropes installed in the space and illuminated by glowing virtual strings. The virtual strings are connected to two video cameras that generate an image of ... More » »

Installation view of "Moth"

Digital sublime – Jennifer Steinkamp at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

Projected outside the Fabric Workshop and Museum’s first floor gallery, “Fly to Mars” serves as an introduction to Jennifer Steinkamp’s interest in the digital sublime. In the computer-generated animation, a tree transitions through all four seasons as its branches undulate. The movement of the branches is unnatural, spreading and recoiling in a fashion that reveals the mechanical underpinnings of the artist’s process. The tree’s seeming other-worldliness is highlighted by the work’s title, “Fly to Mars.” The work does not try to mimic the movements of a wind-blown tree. Instead, its attempt to uproot and fly to Mars recognizes the promise ... More » »

Penn Treaty

News – ONWARD 2012, The New, New Masses, and more…

NEWS The Nicola Midnight St. Claire (temporarily The New, New Masses) The gloriously quirky art publication The Nicola Midnight St. Claire held an auction in order to change the site’s name for a month. So if you go to the website looking for the St. Claire you will instead find The New, New Masses with a funny–but slippery–video message about the spirit of giving, consumerism, and internet freedom, plus some holiday “gifs” for everyone to enjoy. Macaulay Culkin, anyone?

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