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An illustration from Ungerer's "The Three Robbers" (1962)

Film Review – Far Out Isn’t Far Enough – The Tomi Ungerer Story

—>Dashiell’s movie review of the new documentary about Tomi Ungerer makes us want to see the film soon!—the artblog editors—————-> Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story” is a new documentary paying tribute to the eponymous illustrator – a visionary and highly controversial artist most renowned for his children’s books, but also famous for his anti-war posters, and his pornographic illustrations. Ungerer, now in his 80s, is the central figure of the film, narrating his own life story. The artist is wild, insightful, and often very funny, a thrilling persona to watch as he spouts aphorisms in a ... More » »