Socialist Grocery March 2024

Oli Knowles - Socialist Grocery 2024 March
Oli Knowles – Socialist Grocery March 2024

Dialogue and Transcription

8-panel comic part of the series Socialist Grocery by Oli Knowles. Panel 1: A bald person asks Sebastian who is walking with a clipboard, “What’re you working on over here?” Panel 2: Sebastian responds, “Just taking notes of all the signs that need a redesign.” Panel 3: The co-worker responds, “You know, I’m somewhat of, a uh – designer myself.” Panel 4: The co-worker continues, “I recently made a coffee table out of Duraflame logs!” Panel 5: Sebastian is skeptical, “You…made that??” Panel 6: The co-worker clarifies, “Well, I hired people to make it, actually.” Panel 7: Sebastian responds, “That seems like a massive fire hazard – like… so dangerous.” Panel 8: The co-worker says, “Don’t worry, I don’t charge my phone on the Duraflame table. I have a different table for that. Sebastian, “Wait…I feel like I’m missing something.”

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