Socialist Grocery February 2024



Dialogue and Transcription

In this 9-panel comic part of the series Socialist Grocery by Oli Knowles, Sebastian and three other coworkers are standing in a hallway. Panel 1: A blond person asks, “Are you all waiting for the bathroom?” The four respond in unison, “Yes.” Panel 2: One of the co-workers says, “Look at this shirt I want to buy on Etsy. It says ‘Girls go to Jupiter to eat more soup with her.” Panel 3: The co-worker holds up the phone showing the $29.99 shirt. Panel 4: They ask the person next to them, “Isn’t that so cute?” They respond, “I mean, I don’t really get it? Jupiter? Soup?” Panel 5: Sebastian joins in, “Oh! It’s a play on that ‘Girls go to college’.” The person next to them says, “You know! That thing about knowledge? Jupiter?” Panel 6: Sebastian wonders, “Do you know “Girls go to college”? They respond, “I mean, yeah, some girls go to college.” Panel 7: The person next to Sebastian offers, “It was like a nursery rhyme or something.” Panel 8: Sebastian explains, “People said it a lot in the 90’s. Maybe early 2000’s?” Panel 9: The person under scrutiny responds, “Guys, I’m literally kidding. I know what you’re talking about. I get the shirt.”
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