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Lindsay Chandler (l) and A. J. Rombach at Fjord on Frankford Ave.

From the vault: Two founders of Fjord

[We’re big fans of Fjord! This spunky little gallery, founded by Lindsay Chandler, A. J. Rombach, Sean FitzGerald, and Liam Holding, showcases emerging and established artists side-by-side–but the founders never show their own work. We’ve covered lots of shows at Fjord, so it was time for a refresher! Chandler and Rombach tell us how Fjord came to be. — the artblog editors] “It’s possible here in Philly” Lindsay Chandler and A.J. Rombach moved to Philadelphia after graduating from art school (Lindsay, from RISD, and A.J. from Boston University).  They didn’t know each other before moving here but became friends through their network of ... More » »

A garden grows on Broad Street.

From the vault: Philadelphia falls for Paris at the PIFA Street Fair

[Since the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, we’ve had Paris on our minds. We’re looking back at a post from 2011, in which Erica Minutella experienced a little taste of the City of Lights right here in Philly, and sending some brotherly love across the ocean. — the artblog editors] The first time I heard of Paris, I didn’t know much about it except for the fact that it held “twelve little girls in two straight lines.” For me, Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline acted not as the introduction to a magical city, but as a traumatizing doorway into the world of hypochondria. (“You ... More » »

"Alien Sex," another Zurkow project.

From the vault — January 2004 — Marina Zurkow’s new media

(In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary in 2013, we’re bringing you content from years past. Roberta reviewed the web artwork of Marina Zurkow in January 2004, and considered the experience of viewing art in private online! — the artblog editors) Thinking about web art this morning, I decided it was about time to check out the “New Directions in New Media” button at Inliquid. I knew none of the names of the artists listed, so chose one at random from Menu 3, Marina Zurkow. I’m always interested in work by women in what’s perceived as male-dominated fields (computers, animation, video). Zurkow’s ... More » »

Crawford begins cutting into one of his paintings.

From the vault — September 2005 — Deciding the value (and fate) of your artwork

(In celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we’re bringing you content from years past. Reflecting on Elizabeth’s recent talk with painter Sharon Butler, who spoke about taking care of her own work (or not), and Maegan’s review of Astrid Bowlby’s new paired works, one of which a buyer can choose to take home, we’re sensing a theme of artist ownership. We’ve brought back Libby’s 2005 feature on Rah Crawford, who destroyed his work when no one bought it. — the artblog editors) A crowd pressed into the small Qbix Gallery Friday night to witness artist Rah Crawford destroy three of four pieces he promised to ... More » »

Biggers/Zackin installation still

From the vault — December 2003 — The other side of the race equation

(In celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we’re bringing you content from our inaugural year. In December 2003, Libby reviewed a dual video installation tackling race, otherness and social class. A decade later, the social issues raised by the artists still apply — the artblog editors) Two video installations at the Gershman Y gnaw away at our intractable cultural problem of race. The show, “Reverse Negatives,” which runs until Feb. 10, includes a pair of videos by Sanford Biggers and Jennifer Zackin and a pair of videos by Doron Solomon. Biggers and Zackin, who are black and Jewish, respectively, went to art school together, ... More » »


From the vault – Public art in New York and Philadelphia raise questions about ownership and maintenance

In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you posts from past years. In January, 2004, we were viewing different instances of public art in Philadelphia and New York. Libby took issue with Penn’s commissioned work by Jenny Holzer, a far cry from her controversial ‘Truisms,’ while Roberta visited an out-of-order Creative Time installation. Century 21 even had some ‘word art’! ——————————- Corporation makes “art” By libby January 8, 2004 The University of Pennsylvania bought itself a Jenny Holzer. No, that’s not right. The University of Pennsylvania paid Jenny Holzer and put her name on a walkway with benches where ... More » »


Happy Labor Day everyone! From the Vault in 2005

—>From the Vault–This excerpt from a post that ran Oct. 10, 2005, revisits a piece of public art in Bird Park, the once-upon-a-time art park at the corner of 3rd and Arch.  Gallery Joe was in charge of the space at the time.  I don’t think there is an art program in the park now, but correct me if I’m wrong.————–> Look at me posted on Oct. 10, 2005 Jody Sweitzer  and Chris Vecchio‘s “Now that we have your attention” is a motion-sensitive piece: The playpen crew talk at you when you pass by. It’s a cacophonous chorus of “Look at ... More » »

James Meyer standing in front of one of his paintings, NYC 1991. © Ken Schles

From the vault 2007 – Matthew Rose’s story with Annette Lemieux, and James Meyer, studio assistant to Jasper Johns now charged with stealing from his boss

–>The story broke yesterday in the New York Times and elsewhere that James Meyer was arrested for theft and wire fraud.  The longtime studio assistant to Jasper Johns is accused of stealing and then selling 22 works by Johns through a New York gallery. Matthew Rose wrote an article for Vogue magazine in the early 1990s that Vogue didn’t publish but artblog did, in 2007.  Below is the first of the 4-part article, which tells the story of how Meyers became Johns’s assistant.–the artblog editors——————–> Portrait of the Artist as a Young Assistant By matthew rose January 8, 2007   ·   1 Comments ... More » »


From the vault – December, 2003 – Art off our beaten path

In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you content from our inaugural year, 2003. In December, 2003, we were venturing forth from our Old City stomping grounds and trotting up to Northern Liberties and west to City Hall. Despite initial reservations, Roberta discovered some striking poetic narratives at 1 Penn Square. Portraits by a perceptive PAFA graduate were worth the visit to the now-closed Ashley Gallery, where paintings were rife with psychological complexity.  ——————————- The Mystery of Case 13 By roberta December 30, 2003    I always have mixed feelings about the Art in City Hall shows. On the one ... More » »


From the vault – November, 2003 – Our art in the middle of the street

Ed. note: In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you content from our inaugural year, 2003. In November, 2003, we were peering our peepers towards the pavement. Viewed from above or below, we relished street art’s accessibility as something we can view while waiting for the bus or walking to work. We kept an eye out for painted street signs, symbolic graffiti tags and those colorful mural-covered honor boxes sponsored by Mattathias Schwartz and the Philadelphia Independent. The art was intriguing in all of its casual and anonymous forms and the successes of our search had us dancing ... More » »

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