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Their Mouths Filled With Earth — sacred monsters examined at GrizzlyGrizzly

[Alex explores the connections in a three-artist show of distinctly different works spanning the history of portraiture, depictions of women in art, and how we see ourselves. — the artblog editors] In the intimate space of GrizzlyGrizzly, Matthew Hansel, Christopher Davison, and Anthony Miler surround gallerygoers with a horde of unnerving painted portraits of faceless aristocrats, distorted children, and towering supernatural women, in various styles and media. Like being in a room whose shelves are lined with heirloom dolls, the viewer feels they have crossed the Uncanny Valley; and the unsettling association (and subsequent dissociation) with these forms creates an ... More » »

Toilet paper and flowers

It’s Like Shit and Flowers — Alison Wong and John Charnota at Grizzly Grizzly

[Michael finds sophistication in a seemingly unlikely subject, enjoying the cohesiveness supplied by a new show centered on shit. — the artblog editors] “From shit comes flowers that over time return to shit and back again,” explain Alison Wong and John Charnota, the two artists behind It’s Like Shit and Flowers, on display at Grizzly Grizzly. The artist-couple transforms the gallery’s intimate space into an ironically clean ode to fecal matter adorned with a bouquet of dried flowers hung from a solitary column, with an aromatic scent that permeates the space. Good clean fun Although the space is dominated by references ... More » »


News post – Rebuilding Rhoades’ Creation Myth DIY, Writing Lessons from Grizzlyx2, Dolan/Maxwell in Miami, opportunities and more!

News   2 from the ICA – 1. Institute of Contemporary Art Chief Preparator Paul Swenbeck is mounting several shows of his own, at “Pervasive Clay” at Penn’s Charles Addams Gallery and— in collaboration with artist and wife Joy Feasley — “A Hatchet to Kill Old Ugly” at the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Pervasive Clay runs through October 28; the Fabric Workshop show until January 2015. In November his next curatorial project Clarke’s Third Law opens at Space 1026. 2. If you are a by-the-numbers type, your next side project has arrived. Students at Penn, under the collaborative instruction of Professor Kenneth Goldsmith and Liz Park, Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow, have created  an owner’s manual to a build-it-yourself version ... More » »


Art and influence — Interchange at The Galleries at Moore

[Rachel visits a group show addressing the inescapable fact of art as collaboration and influence. — the artblog editors] A bowl of coins labeled “Free Money”. A massive Connect Four board game. A book titled “Participation,” filled with blank white pages. These are only three of the works that comprise Interchange, an exhibition on view at The Galleries at Moore through August 23. Co-organized with members of Grizzly Grizzly and Practice in collaboration with Moore, Interchange stems from the premise that art is always an exchange of ideas. Including local, national, and international artists, the show brings together myriad objects ... More » »

Kirk McCarthy, detail of grouping on shelf

June in Chinatown – Great member shows at Vox, raucous New Dreamz at Space 1026 and more!

I saw a bunch of good things this June, including performance, video and a wonderful installation by Kirk McCarthy at TandM Gallery on the 4th floor of the Vox building. Here’s my brief overview. Libby and I were out First Friday but because things were running late, we were too, so we only saw two things –  the 5 into 1 show at Moore (very good – congratulations to all the graduates in the show, including artblog contributors, Lucy Heurich and Veronica Perez!) and the New Dreamz performance at Space 1026 (amazing, brave and funny, with moments of eye-rolling silliness). ... More » »


Paper, thread, plotter — Laura Ledbetter and Dan Rushton’s visual conversation

[It’s not often that a show comes together as compatibly as this one. Noreen explores why Paper, Thread, Plotter works so well. — the artblog editors] Balancing a two-person show can be tricky—one artist’s work may overshadow the other’s, or an unintended dissonance may occur. The pairing of artists Dan Rushton and Laura Ledbetter at Grizzly Grizzly hurdles these challenges and lands with a satisfying harmony. Their exhibition is one part excellent curation—whoever paired these two paired well—and one part the works’ forced proximity in the narrow gallery. People, Places and Things feels like a conversation between two artists whose processes couldn’t be more different but ... More » »

Ralph Pugay's "Dogs Barking at Weapons," 2013, acrylic on canvas, at Vox Populi

First Friday of the New Year – Great stuff out there in the Vox building and at Space 1026

(Libby and I had a date with the B-roll team from WHYY’s Friday Arts on Jan. 3. Maybe you saw us at the Vox building or Space 1026. You say, What is B-roll? Well, it’s not sushi is my reply. ) Vox building Accompanied by Cate who was visiting from New York, and all mic’d up and ready for our video shoot,  we headed up the stairs at 319 N. 11th, with filmmaker/director Michael O’Reilly, audio engineer Charlie Kaier and cameraman Paul Parmalee in tow. First stop, the new TandM Space on the 4th floor. Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowics, who ... More » »

“Making Eyes,” installation view. Found Styrofoam packaging, magazines, toilet paper wrappers, paper and paint.

Making one out of two – Meshing art practices of Ben Will and Sarah Eberle at Grizzly Grizzly

(Sam sees the Citywide exchange show at Grizzly Grizzly in which Sarah Eberle and Ben Will colaborate for the first time on an installation that looks as harmonious as a nicely planted garden. –the artblog editors.) The show Making Eyes begs the question: is the show’s title really intended as a lovey-dovey sentiment or is it a literal reference to the creation of new modes of visual perception? The exhibit by Rebekah Templeton gallery owners and artists Sarah Eberle and Ben Will, is an installation that is part of the Citywide Initiative of exchange shows in which many alternative gallery spaces like Grizzly Grizzly and Rebekah Templeton exchanged spaces ... More » »


Catching Thread – Margo Wolowiec at Grizzly Grizzly

Post by Mellisa Robbins (Mellisa Robbins’ post is part of a collaboration between artblog and Moore College of Art and Design’s Culture in the Classroom program.  Mellisa is one of two students in Terri Saulin’s Professional Practices class chosen by Libby and Roberta to have their posts published on artblog. We look forward to seeing more of Mellisa’s writing on artblog in the future.) Margo Wolowiec’s Catching Thread at Grizzly Grizzly is a testament to our throwaway culture of social media, and how we make sense of it all. Wolowiec’s woven pieces at first seem like densely layered abstracts, but upon closer inspection, ... More » »

Tom Lauerman, Three Quarter Quonset, wood from clementine crates

Cities without size, cities without color — Urban Environments at Grizzly Grizzly

City dwellers face unpredictable environments. Whether descending into subterranean tunnels or ascending into office towers; biking merrily along while inhaling large quantities of carbon monoxide or walking through the stench of human waste that wafts from Center City’s overtaxed sewage system, a day in the city is a moment-by-moment negotiation between the inanimate and animate, the accidental and intentional, the old and new. In a dialogue between the works of three artists all concerned with architecture and city spaces, Urban Environments at Grizzly Grizzly shows pieces that portray the artists’ subjective conceptions of the urban world. A collaboration between two artists ... More » »

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