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Maren Hassenger performing Senga Nengudi’s "RSVP" at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Nov. 17, 2012

Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art

[Andrea comments on a large exhibition of contemporary performance art by African-American artists, finding both the show’s performances and accompanying catalog well-curated and memorable. For more information on individual artists, please see Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art, Valerie Cassel Oliver, ed. (Contemporary Art Museum, Houston; 2013), ISBN 978 -1-933619-38-5 –the artblog editors] In New York, the exhibition Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art was split between the Grey Art Gallery at NYU (from Sept. 10 – Dec. 7, 2013) and the Studio Museum in Harlem, where it remains on view until March 9, 2014. It does a particularly good ... More » »

Mariposa, wood and wool, 24½ ’ x 13½’, 2010 - 2012.

News – Hennessy Youngman’s found art discourse, Isaac Lin & Leah Bailis in Austin, Doug Witmer curates at TSA, opportunities and more!

News In the vein of similar endeavors by Rauschenberg, Hammons and Orozco, greg.org posted an amusing item about Hennessy Youngman (aka Jayson Musson) selling found objects on the street via his twitter feed. The resulting tweets are predictably priceless, Athena Barat, long known to us as a powerhouse of art and social practice, was recently honored when the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation jointly awarded her and her mother Chandri Woman of the Year. Athena, a former Philly resident, created The South Philly Biennial in 2008, and has been supporting her family’s foundation at their home base in Newark. Douglas Witmer ... More » »

"Death on the Pale Horse", John H. Twachtman, 1817, Oil on canvas, 176 x 301 in. (447.0 x 764.5 cm.) Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

art thoughtz – Hennessy Youngman shares some at PAFA

Jayson Musson’s alter ego Hennessy Youngman dubs himself “The Pharaoh Hennessy,” “The Rowhouse Raconteur,” and now with his cell phone audio tour of PAFA’s collections, “Mr. Museum.” In The Grand Manner, Youngman shares his own perspective on twenty-two works of early American art. In a collection that prides itself on its number of masterpieces, Youngman both literally and figuratively becomes the voice inside your head, validating the opinion of the non-expert with his unpretentious and witty commentary.

Utopian Benches

News: The Other Art Fair, Gallatin and #Occupytheory, Art Writing at AUX, and more!

News Other Art Fair cuts out middleman The Other Art Fair launches in London on November 25 and bills itself as a direct way for artists to sell to collectors. The fair is unlike others because it allows for the 100 chosen artists to offer their work directly to the public. Artists showcase their work to collectors, curators and gallerists on their own terms, and that is definitely a unique and refreshing approach.

Fleisher White House

News: Fleisher @ the White House, Barnes educates construction workers, and lots of opportunities!

News Fleisher Art Memorial @ the White House Student Zulmarie Nazario, 16, attended a ceremony on November 2 at the White House where she received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from First Lady Michelle Obama on behalf of the Fleisher Art Memorial. The prestigious award is for Fleisher’s work to develop learning and life skills in young people through the arts and creative experience. Nazario is one of many students who participate in Fleisher’s after school program in which a number of activities help young people explore their artistic and creative abilities.

Anthony Elms

News: New ICA curator, video art history @ PAFA, opportunities, and more!

News (Inaccurate information has been removed from this post). ICA appoints new curator The Institute of Contemporary Art has appointed Anthony Elms as a new Associate Curator. Elms has worked as an  independent curator and writer, and he was Assistant Director of Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois at Chicago for six years. He replaces Jenelle Porter who has taken a position at ICA Boston.

Daniel Petraitis, Corner (with Paul), 2011 concrete, casters

Vox VII – nice and easy

Not as wild as some of its predecessors, Vox VII, the annual emerging artist show at Vox Populi, is a whale of a good show. With 35 artists and all media except performance represented, paintings make a strong showing. No matter how many times people say painting is dead, it just is not, and here the variety of paintings demonstrates the media’s still got some tricks up its sleeve. Sculpture is literally all over the map, from a highly crafted fiber object to a sprawling found-object installation with a video embedded in it to a low-tech gizmo made of wood ... More » »

Bill Walton

Lotsa breaking news

Philly rocking the ICA!!! Megawords, the multi-tasking publishers and producers of hard-to-pigeonhole culture, is up to something, although we’re not sure what, as they hang out at the ICA in a show called One is the loneliest number. We know they are thinking about collaboration and that their presence at the ICA includes installation, performances, poetry, theory, video and other programming the Megawordsters have invited. Included in the posse of performers are video (and marriage) collaborators Nadia Hironaka and Matt Suib, also Philly people. The show is April 21 through August 7.

Jayson Musson in character as Hennessy Youngman

Art in America discovers Hennessy Youngman

It can’t be easy to interview Jayson Musson when he’s in character –he’s a little slippery, actually a lot slippery. But art writer Brian Boucher is game in his delightful interview in Art in America online of the ever funny Musson as his alterego Hennessy Youngman. Check it out! By the way, we interviewed the real Jayson Musson for one of our artblog radio pocasts. Look for it on our radio page (nav bar at the top will do the job).

Derek French  RGB Cube iRL projection, wood, in Value City at Little Berlin. (It's the opposite of James Turrell)

2010 Liberta awards!

It may be a recession year, but 2010 saw a whole lot of good art stuff happening in Philadelphia. Here’s our annual awards roundup! 6 best shows of 2010 that we saw: Mika Rottenberg @Mary Boone Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron’s The Honeymooners @Grizzly Grizzly Value City @Little Berlin Failure to Show @Extra Extra Philagrafika @Temple Gallery (especially for Heavy Industries) Bauhaus @MoMA

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