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Cornucopia followups

Sang Froid II, 2006, mixed on paper, 8.5 x 10.5″ in the group show Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day, curated by Shinique Smith, at The Proposition Ex-local-girl Jina Valentine opens Thursday (either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when you’re reading this) at Fleisher-Ollman (she used to work at F/O with William Pym). Here’s Pym’s gossipy email on the subject: Tomorrow night, Thursday the 8th February, will mark the opening of DARK MATTERS at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, a show of new and recent works by Jina Valentine. Currently based in San Francisco, this will be Jina’s first solo show for the ... More » »


Penn MFA exhibit at the Icebox: Big is bigger but small may be better

I’ve done a few studio visits with young artists and usually at some point they say, apologetically, pointing at their easel- or pedestal-sized pieces, “These are small works. What I really want to do is something big. “ John Prull, Untitled (new totems). Big bird and chicks. made of cardboard, latex paint, screws, twine. $1,000. (a steal!) Small, I reply. Small is the way to go. The Penn MFA exhibit at the Icebox Project Space is full of really big works. Of course when you’re in graduate school is probably when you exercise your need for big and stretch the ... More » »


Penn MFAs hold the space

Space for Living installation by Emmy Hoy The Penn MFA show, curated this year by ICA Senior Curator Ingrid Schaffner, fills the huge Icebox Project Space this year. The students knew from the git-go that this was where they would show, and wooo, the museum-sized/New York gallery-sized work holds the space. Enjoy much of it though I did, some of the intimate work in the side gallery–dubbed the Drawing Center–thrilled me the most. A video from Nathan Wasserbauer In the Drawing Center, three short-short videos practically stole the show. Nathan Wasserbauer’s animation of the same sorts of lines and shapes ... More » »


Light pours at Pageant

Sonic Pretzel Mastadon, virtuoso cut paper, (detail) by Hunter Stabler. Click to see it bigger. Cut paper to die for and thread used in un-thread-like ways — that’s the big news from Pageant Gallery this month in Everything is Lightpour, a two person show pairing Penn MFA candidate Hunter Stabler and Vox Populi member Xiang Yang. Xiang Yang, piece with embroidery at two ends with thread spanning the void in the middle. Very nice piece. Yang, whose embroidered images (from sources like magazines and the newspaper) and set in plastic take-out boxes have appeared at Spector Gallery and last year ... More » »

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