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Kay Healy, study for Common Room Couch, 2012; digital image, dimensions variable; courtesy the artist.

Out and about – Docu-Commencement at Bryn Mawr College

Docu-Commencement at Bryn Mawr College commemorates the 2011 graduation at the college and captures thoughts about students leaving a place of shelter for the world beyond. For the show, Brian Wallace, Bryn Mawr College Curator and Academic Liaison for Art and Artifacts, commissioned four artists — James Johnson, Jennifer Levonian, Kay Healy and Gilbert Plantinga — to be in residence for 24 hours over the commencement weekend and to make work based on that residency. For the artists it was an opportunity to meet students and perhaps revisit their own college commencement experience. The resulting exhibit features the commissioned works by ... More » »

Space Post

News: Dave Kim nominated by Philebrity, Diplomat Gallery, and Vincent Romaniello

News Dave Kim’s BFFF fabulousness The third annual Philebrity.com reader’s poll nominees include Dave Kim, whose project My BFFF (Best Facebook Friends Forever) is picked for the fabulousness category! Kim’s project made him a slave to the social media site’s suggestions and dictates between April 1 – 30, 2011. He did anything Facebook would tell him to do. Printeresting gets Warhol/Creative Capital writers’ grant! Congratulations, Jason Urban, Amze Emmons and R.L. Tillman of Printeresting on winning this coveted grant for excellence in art writing! Printeresting is a blog founded by Urban (former Philly guy now in Texas), Emmons (Philly) and Tillman ... More » »

Carolee Schneemann at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

First Saturday roundup — Tiger, Napoleon, Vox and more

Cate and I went to the Vox building the Saturday after First Friday (which is usually a great day to go — mostly, the audio-video-robo works will be functioning; and often artists are lurking who will talk with you about what they’re up to).  We found a bunch of good stuff at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Napoleon and Vox Populi. TIGER STRIKES ASTEROID

Adam Parker Smith, James Johnson and Charlene Peacock at Little Berlin, close to the ATM machine made of cake and green-grey icing.

May First Friday frenz-y

It was a cupcake of an evening last Friday.  We dined on cake at Grizzly Grizzly, Bambi and Little Berlin.  Here’s a few people pictures and a little gossip.

James Johnson, Stop Following Me, image courtesy Fleisher-Ollman Gallery

Weekly Update – Postmodernist Flurries in Fleisher-Ollman’s emerging artist show

This week’s Weekly has my review of Fleisher-Ollman’s emerging artist invitational.  Below’s the copy with some pictures.  More photos at flickr. The world is a diminished place in “I Don’t Watch the Internet,” Fleisher-Ollman Gallery’s seventh annual emerging artist survey. A non-themed invitational that’s big on miniatures and works that whir and clack, the show rounds up modest-scale sculptures, and drawings and forlorn videos that fit with the current economic climate.

Liberta takes a meeting with Barack Obama.

The Return of Liberta–awards for 2009

2009 is the year artblog had its sixth birthday and graduated to a WordPress design and a real logo and new maps and listings!  Liberta made it to the Miami art fairs this year for the first time.  Loved it, won’t be going back — we’ll take Manhattan. Volta New York is still our favorite art fair.   This also was the year Liberta realized some people hate her. Frankly we don’t give a damn and will carry on as if everybody loved us. Hey we love everybody almost.

Gabriel Martinez, Untitled (Peking Ducks),"Pink" 2009, archival pigment print, 31 x 59 inches

What’s it Worth? Works on Paper at Arcadia–the show

This is part 2 of a 2 part post. Part 1 is about the talk delivered by show juror Joao Ribas. Ribas’ choices for the Arcadia Works on Paper exhibit raise issues of sharing, reproducibility and loss of copyright control. They raise disturbing questions about the value of all art at a time when works on paper have never been more highly valued.

West Prize finalists show at SEI

Thomas Doyle, 2006, Null Cipher, mixed media, 14” x 13 3/4” x 13 3/4”.  West Collection finalist, in the show at SEI, now until the first week of April. We dashed out to the West Collection at SEI in Oaks last month for a peek at the West Prize Finalists exhibit before the Grand Prize Winner is announced on Feb. 26. The exhibit showcases works by the ten finalists in the international competition– and all of the works in the show have been purchased by the West Collection.  Each finalist had $10,000 of work purchased; the Grand Prize Winner will ... More » »

Vox Populi’s January shows

Vox Populi‘s January show opened Jan. 9 and, carumba, it closes Feb. 1 — get over there quick because there’s good stuff! Vox Members Shows Julianna Foster’s From Morning On Julianna Foster‘s From Morning On continues the artist’s exploration of narrative through serial photography. This group of photographs shows gorgeous misty landscapes, decrepit mystery interiors that are also misty; claustrophobic backyard mists and more. It’s like the misty moors of Wuthering Heights come to the American Northeast farmland. The actor is a woman who performs ambiguous and rather static actions (listening through a wall; blowing dust off a box; staring ... More » »

Weekly Update — Another Look at A Closer Look 7

This week’s Weekly has my review of A Closer Look at Arcadia. Below’s my original copy restoring more than 200 words that were cut by the paper….and some pictures. And here’s Libby’s post on the show. Linda Yun’s Incident. Here’s the little video I made and put at flickr as an experiment in video hosting alternatives to YouTube. Beautiful conceptual art is a rarity.  But in Arcadia’s group show “A Closer Look 7″ Linda Yun‘s “Incident,” made of simple materials – a fan, a light, some mylar strips — is like the pot of gold — and the rainbow, too. “A ... More » »

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