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Jayson Musson creative project “Jamel” debuts Episode 2 today!

(This just in from Laris Kreslins, producer of the Jayson Musson creative project Jamel, a video series featuring the adventures of a Time Traveling B-Boy! Episode 2 premiers today at the TriBeCa Digital Shorts Program online.  In this new episode, Jamel has a dance-off with Abraham Lincoln on a fateful day in 1865. Check both Episodes 1 and 2 in the video embeds below. And be sure to read the cast and crew credits for lots of Philly names! Congratulations, all!)     From Laris’ email: This one [EPISODE 2] is guest starring Michael Douglas of the YouTube channel Key of Awesome as Lincoln, Steven Boyer ... More » »

James Baldwin

Represent showcases 200 years of African-American art at the PMA

[Andrea investigates a varied show of African-American work at the PMA, and hopes it indicates a continuation of the museum’s recent outreach efforts. — the artblog editors] In 2001, the Philadelphia Museum of Art ( PMA) established the African-American Collections Committee to assist in the development of the museum’s collections. A catalog of the PMA’s holdings of work by African-Americans was a major goal of the committee, and has been in the works for the past decade. To celebrate its publication, the museum has organized the exhibition of 75 works by more than 50 artists, calling the show Represent: 200 Years of African ... More » »

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The 2014 Libertas!

(Dear folks, 2014 was a good year for TheArtblog and we hope it was great for you as well. 2014 saw 433 new posts on TheArtblog, an average of 36 a month, including reviews, interviews, news, podcasts, comics and more reviews! We began our Knight-funded  The Artist and Social Responsibility Project and many of you gave generously for this groundbreaking collaboration between TheArtblog, local colleges and The Village of Arts and Humanities.  We Thank You and look for your continued support in 2015 as he class begins! Without further ado, the 2014 Libertas, brought to you by Roberta, Dre Grigoropol and Lianna ... More » »

Jayson Musson, The White Noise of Modernism, 2012

Fleisher-Ollman Gallery moving, Jayson Musson’s sold out show and more

If you got the latest Fleisher-Ollman Gallery newsletter you may have seen at the bottom, under the information about Jayson Musson‘s closing reception Jan. 24, 6-8pm, a little history of the gallery. And if you read to the end of the paragraph, you learned about the gallery’s move to 1216 Arch St. next door to the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Talk about burying the lead! We are super excited about this move of the Fleisher-Ollman Gallery because of what it means for creating a rich, varied gallery zone for Philadelphia’s North-of-Chinatown area. The zone includes a bunch of notable alternative galleries, ... More » »

Jayson Musson, "Sherrie."

Jayson Musson’s cozy chaos at Fleisher-Ollman

Fleisher-Ollman Gallery in Center City is in the midst of a fleecy, Frankenstein’s monster of a show assembled by the one and only Jayson Musson. You may also know this hilariously controversial artist and instigator by his alter-ego Hennessy Youngman, the Def Jam-style critic of YouTube’s “Art Thoughtz”. His current show entitled “A True Fiend’s Weight” pieces together canvases from strips of Coogi sweaters, the brightly colored garments popularized by the likes of Bill Cosby and the Notorious B.I.G.   Upon entering the wide open space of the Fleisher-Ollman gallery, one is confronted by varying sizes of stretched fabric wall-hangings ... More » »


Abstraction at the Guggenheim and Jayson Musson at Salon 94

Art of Another Kind; International Abstraction and the Guggenheim 1949-1960  (through Sept. 12, 2012) is a collection of paintings and mostly modestly-sized sculpture by 70 artists from Europe, the U.S. and Japan; despite the title, Latin American artists are ignored. The works were acquired by James Johnson Sweeney, then director and curator of the Guggenheim Museum, in the decade preceding the opening of the Frank Lloyd Wright museum building. Sweeney stated that he was determined to acquire work by ‘tastebreakers,’ the people who break open and enlarge our artistic frontiers. The period following WWII was rich in experimental art, encompassing ... More » »

John Maeda, Fireball.  Image from Thinking in Practice

News post – Knitting with the PAA, Bartol grants, Thwing & Mosely, Musson, opportunities and more!

News Two on technology – 1. President of RISD John Maeda, featured in a Q&A in Thinking In Practice, the online magazine, says some interesting things about artists and the future. “Technologies are raw forms of enablement; art and design take those technologies and bring commercial and cultural relevance to them. Whether those technologies are an oil-based pigment that dries glossy, or a tubular form of steel that bends easily, or a mechanical platform with 4 tires, or a TV screen that lets you change more than the broadcasting channel, artists and designers are the ones who see the potential in these materials ... More » »


News – Nichols Berg, Cambridge Street Studios, Divine Lorraine,Data Garden, opportunities and more!

NEWS Gallery classes – Beginning this spring and continuing through the summer, Nichols Berg Gallery  will host workshops in the gallery taught by Clarissa Shanahan (teaming up with Scott Nichols of Nichols Berg) on subjects including encaustics, manuscript illuminations and printmaking. And Cambridge Street Studios, a new realist atelier in Philly, is having their Grand Opening Gala this coming Saturday, March 31st.  The studio/school also has classes.  Check their website. Boundary-defying record label and journal Data Garden is running a plant-based audio exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art April 13-15. Four large tropical plants outfitted with specialized electronic sensors to process their physiological data will produce ... More » »

"Death on the Pale Horse", John H. Twachtman, 1817, Oil on canvas, 176 x 301 in. (447.0 x 764.5 cm.) Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

art thoughtz – Hennessy Youngman shares some at PAFA

Jayson Musson’s alter ego Hennessy Youngman dubs himself “The Pharaoh Hennessy,” “The Rowhouse Raconteur,” and now with his cell phone audio tour of PAFA’s collections, “Mr. Museum.” In The Grand Manner, Youngman shares his own perspective on twenty-two works of early American art. In a collection that prides itself on its number of masterpieces, Youngman both literally and figuratively becomes the voice inside your head, validating the opinion of the non-expert with his unpretentious and witty commentary.

Fleisher White House

News: Fleisher @ the White House, Barnes educates construction workers, and lots of opportunities!

News Fleisher Art Memorial @ the White House Student Zulmarie Nazario, 16, attended a ceremony on November 2 at the White House where she received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from First Lady Michelle Obama on behalf of the Fleisher Art Memorial. The prestigious award is for Fleisher’s work to develop learning and life skills in young people through the arts and creative experience. Nazario is one of many students who participate in Fleisher’s after school program in which a number of activities help young people explore their artistic and creative abilities.

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