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Winslow Homer ‘The Life Line’ (1884) oil on canvas, 28 5/8 x 44 3/4 in., PMA

Shipwreck, Winslow Homer and The Life Line at the PMA

I’m sorry and embarrassed that I waited so long to see the fascinating exhibition, Shipwreck: Winslow Homer and “The Life Line” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), but fortunately it has been held over until Jan. 1, 2013. It offers much more than a look at a single theme by a single painter, albeit the greatest of his American contemporaries.  Firstly, the exhibition reminds us of the pervasive influence of the sea in 19th-century, American life. It was considerably more than a means of inter-continental travel. The sea was the underpinning of much of the economy, as is reflected ... More » »

Thomas Eakins, Gross Clinic detail prior to restoration (credit end of post)

Restoration puts the drama back in the Gross Clinic

By Peter Crimmins The restoration crew at the Philadelphia Art Museum likes to say that The Gross Clinic now looks like it did when it came off Thomas Eakins easel in 1875. Only partially true. The way it is presented in the Museum’s Perelman Building is nothing like the debut the painting had at the 1876 Centennial Expo in Fairmount Park.