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News – Jason Lazarus, Knapp Gallery closing, Richard Torchia at CENTERpieces, and curators, curators, curators

News Jason Lazarus will take your unwanted photos Do you have photos that are too painful to keep around? If so, Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus will take them.  He’s collecting unwanted photos for an art installation. There’s no need to provide the background for the photos, and if you feel they are too private to be shown, the artist will display them face down. Lazarus can pick them up on Sunday February 5 from 10 AM – 7 PM. E-mail him at jasonlazarus.photo@gmail.com or call 312-953-2885. Knapp Gallery closing Old City’s Knapp Gallery is closing up shop at the end of ... More » »

Fleisher White House

News: Fleisher @ the White House, Barnes educates construction workers, and lots of opportunities!

News Fleisher Art Memorial @ the White House Student Zulmarie Nazario, 16, attended a ceremony on November 2 at the White House where she received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from First Lady Michelle Obama on behalf of the Fleisher Art Memorial. The prestigious award is for Fleisher’s work to develop learning and life skills in young people through the arts and creative experience. Nazario is one of many students who participate in Fleisher’s after school program in which a number of activities help young people explore their artistic and creative abilities.


Close Encounters with Art – Liam Dean #9 at Knapp Gallery

Never in my life has a painting brought me to tears, until #9 by Liam Dean. I stood in front of this vortex masquerading as a painting, frozen and consumed by an orchestra of exquisitely deep and rich orange, red, browns and yellows sparkling like melted glass and menacingly closing in on a central amoeba-shaped floating form claiming to be under constant attack but unafraid and sending me urgent whispers — about supernatural abortions committed by both good and evil; about aborted ideas of escaping the prison of duality, for no matter how good you are, good only exists because ... More » »

Refrigerator Art by Nick D'Angelo, at Rodger Lapelle Gallery

Old City – visual puns, earth focus and free form at LaPelle, Bodega and Knapp

I like to consider myself a pretty “punny” guy – I adore both visual puns and wordplay of all kinds – so upon entering LaPelle Gallery’s show by Roxborough artist Nick D’Angelo, I was very pleasantly surprised. The first piece I noticed had a realistically rendered standup bass lying beside a bottle of Bass Pale Ale, entitled Double Bass. Highly amused, I continued into the room, soon to discover that this piece would pale (ale) in comparison to the rest.

Ben Will, hulking landscape creature with mists rising

Weekly Update – Rage and quietude of Ashley Flynn and Ben Will

This week’s Weekly has my review of Ben Will’s solo show at the Arts League and Ashley Flynn’s solo show at Knapp Gallery. More pictures at flickr – Ben and Ashley. Ben Will’s paintings and sculptures in “The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing” at the University City Arts League feel very familiar. The show is sparse, consisting of only four paintings and three sculptures. Collectively, the work taps into the unconscious and never coalesces into a narrative, although a story is implied.


Art without borders–Ashley Flynn at Knapp

Ashley Flynn’s free-for-all installation of paintings and drawings and murals at Knapp Gallery all flow into into each other, art without borders. The painting in Flynn’s first exhibit, Forgiven (it’s not their fault), is free, exuberant and sure of itself.


First Friday – April, 2007

Spring has sprung in Philadelphia – although the First Friday of April was rather chilly. After visiting some fifteen, twenty galleries in the span of four hours, here are some of my favorites. The highlight of First Friday down in Old City was, as Roberta and Libby pointed out in their post last week, Jackie Tileston’s exhibit at Pentimenti, Everything, In Your Favor. Jackie Tileston before her painting “Analogy of Transit” Tileston’s exhibit was composed of 4 oils and 4 drawings, each embodying the same euphoric, spiritual feel. Tileston, a teacher at UPENN, grew up overseas, and has recently returned ... More » »


November’s First Friday

Well! November’s First Friday was an exciting time to visit the galleries down in Old City (certainly better than the rainy First Friday of October) – lots of people out, lots of live music, and lots of awesome art. I went to some seven or eight galleries in total, and here will highlight six artists featured in four of these galleries whose art I found to be especially interesting. To start, it seemed that 2nd Street was the place to be on First Friday – and more specifically at Artist’s House. Viewers spilled out onto the street and waited in ... More » »