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Tyler Kline, "Tetrahedral."

Pterodactyl crosses the bridge between science and art

Science and art are two of humanity’s most empowering pursuits. Scientific inquiry and artistic expression have a sizable crossover, which lies somewhere within the territories of the imagination and the unending pursuit of the new. Pterodactyl‘s “Intersection” curated by Keith Hartwig resides in that wily middle territory.  Whether seekers are after further understanding of physics or new forms and methods, the process of continued exploration bridges the gap between both creative pursuits.  The analysis and rationality of science can occasionally seem at odds with the fantastical or surreal representations of contemporary art, but when the two disciplines overlap the result is all the more ... More » »

Ted Carey, Double Backdoor Chipped, digital photo on wood, 8.5 x 11 x 1. Inches

Faded meanings – Dematerialization at Pterodactyl Gallery

The essay accompanying Dematerialization, up now at Pterodactyl Gallery in Kensington, includes the observation that “many contemporary artists and art productions have aligned with minimalist Donald Judd’s 1965 declaration of  ‘disinterest in doing [painting and sculpture] again.’” In the work on display in Dematerialization, curated by Jamie Png, this “disinterest” has extended to a negation of artistic intent, narrative, and in some cases even aesthetic appeal. Many pieces conceptually show art as providing an open-ended experience, rather than an intentional creation, while others question the essential presuppositions of the art world. This type of experimentation is a delicate tight-rope for artists ... More » »