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Gertrude Fisher-Fishman Untitled Undated

Louise Fishman at Woodmere Art Museum talks of family and other influences

The inimitable Louise Fishman was at the Woodmere Art Museum this past Sunday to speak to a huge crowd about her life, her paintings, her mother, Gertrude Fisher-Fishman, and her aunt, Razel Kapustin. All three artists are part of the Woodmere’s “Generations” exhibition, a powerful show about the strengths, styles, and inspirations shared among these three great, related painters. Fishman told us that she proposed this show after realizing that her mother’s artistic reputation was in danger of suffering the same forgotten fate as her aunt’s. Razel Kapustin was at one time a vital member of the Philadelphia art world, ... More » »

Energy of the Fluid Field

Rosanna Bruno (left) talking with Dona Nelson, organizer of Fluid Field. Behind them is Deborah Grant’s 70/30 split, oil, paper and relief on birch. I was late to see Dona Nelson‘s curatorial outing, The Fluid Field, up at Tyler Gallery on the campus in Elkins Park. I caught the short-lived show (Oct 3-21) at the closing reception and boy was I glad I did. The show of Tyler grads — all women whose graduations from the art school ranged from 1963 (Louise Fishman) to 2007 (Tanaya Neal, Natasha Bowdoin) — was terrific! Nelson, respected painter and Tyler faculty, poured her ... More » »