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bears in kiddie pool

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This weekend on the Reader Advisor, Matt thinks about our animal brethren, so sweet, so nice, we love them. — the artblog editors] The Land Returneth to the Animals This week, a series of animal links of a different breed. Animal revolt is only as real as the nerve-deep terror that it reveals in our collective subconscious. Videos of manic elephants and rampaging housecats provide a small glimpse of a well-deserved flagellation. From the Bible, to Orson Welles, to Dr. Zaius, we create allegories that expose our unnatural human state of violence (against this planet; against each other) and forewarn of ... More » »

words from a song on black background

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This weekend on the artblog Reader Advisor: Matt celebrates becoming just a bit jaded. — the artblog editors] Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of Alanis Morissette’s debut album Jagged Little Pill. It’s hard for me to explain why I love this album so much. I was a nine-year-old boy in Michigan when Alanis was on the radio and in the Discmans asking, “And are you thinking of me when you fuck her?” My oldest sister, however, was just graduating from high school and was primed to take the enormous cultural import of the album full-hearted and head-on. I have a very ... More » »

people at table meeting

Live Comments – First Friday, February 6, 2015, at the Vox building

Before we ventured out to look at art last First Friday, The St. Claire and The Artblog teams got together to talk about the upcoming guest editorship of The Artblog by The St. Claire!! A friendly take-over!  Stay tuned for lots of exciting news about April’s first guest-editorship-ever of The Artblog. Meanwhile, enjoy this First Friday Live Comments — two minutes long and featuring: Patrick Coughlin (Napoleon) on tools, labor and the body; Chris Davison and Anthony Miler (Grizzly Grizzly); Wayne Hodge (Practice) on his minstrel series collages sourced from the Library of Congress digital archives, sci fi magazines and ... More » »

Bonnie Jones, from her poem projected on a screen

From the vault: Agony and ecstasy at Vox’s AUX

[It’s been nearly three years since Libby gave an incisive review of a new-media performance and art show at Vox Populi. Having immersed ourselves in our devices all the more since then, we thought we could all use a reminder that texting and other less personal forms of communication can, sometimes, elevate us. — the artblog editors] My first outing to AUX, the newish performance space at Vox Populi Gallery, last week was an extraordinary mix of pain and transcendence. The event, Rhythms of Time Sharing (RoTS), showcased several communications-technology-based performances, including work from artists based here, in the nation ... More » »

blue light projection on wall and ceiling

Sort-of Live Comments – Vox building and Space 1026 on First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

(Sadly, this reporter’s fumble fingers vaporized the 6-minute Live Comments voice recording I made Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. As with the dictates of Murphy’s Law, I had no backup version. So what we have below, folks, is a lemonade of Live Comments — a paraphrased version of what people said to me at the Vox building and Space 1026 last Friday night.  P. S. Burned once, I will never again edit from an un-backed up audio file.  Look for more (really) Live Comments in the future.) John Phillips: I just saw great John Moore paintings (at Locks Gallery to Nov. 8) ... More » »

Douglas Witmer at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, June 7, 2013

Decade-of-artblog videos, Episode 4 – We visit First Friday exhibits at the Vox building

In this episode, we visit First Friday exhibits on June 7, 2013, in the Vox building and talk with Matt Kalasky, Mary Smull, Douglas Witmer, David Dempewolf and Yuka Yokoyama.  Less than two-minutes long, see what people have to say! [And don’t forget about our Decade-of-artblog fundraising parties on Sept. 28, Nov. 7 and Nov. 9.  Tickets are available at TicketLeap!  And also, everyone is invited to come out for our first-ever event with Green Line Cafe! Unfiltered is a show-up-and-show exhibition at Green Line on Locust and 45th St., in which everyone is invited to show up, bring a ... More » »

Artist Rob Matthews, soon to be departing Philly for new ventures.

News post – Bon Voyage Rob Matthews, augmented reality in LA, opportunities and more!

News January begins with a bit of sad news for Philly. One of our favorite artists and the exhibition coordinator at Artspace Liberti, Rob Matthews, is relocating to Nashville for family reasons sometime this spring. He does, however, have plans for a solo show at Gallery Joe in 2014. Farewell and good luck, Rob! Printeresting has gotten a phenomenal makeover, with a CC|Warhol Grant last year helping them devote time and energy toward a full site redesign for 2013.   Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s comedy troupe The New Dreamz has a couple of outings coming up, one in Philly and one in LA. For ... More » »

Matt Kalasky (center) moderating a discussion about artists residencies at Fjord

Consider the artists residency, or not

Matt Kalasky called for a discussion about artists residencies on his publication, The St. Claire. The event, July 19 at Fjord, turned out to be a sort of grad school bull session about the nature of and usefulness of artists residencies. Their usefulness turned out to be the more useful topic of discussion, and by time the 20 to 25 people in attendance were finished, they realized ARs might not be so much about punching a ticket and decorating a resume but rather something they could find useful–or not. I tried reporting the discussion via our Twitter, @theartblog, but didn’t ... More » »


The agony and the ecstasy at Vox’s AUX

My first outing to AUX, the newish performance space at Vox Populi Gallery, last week was an extraordinary mix of pain and transcendence. The event, Rhythms of Time Sharing (RoTS), showcased several communications-technology-based performances, including work from artists based here, in the nation and across the pond. The event, presented by the London-based collective KIOSK, was a curatorial exploration of the current state of new media in art. The high point–using text messages–was an interactive performance by Brooklyn-based artists Joao Enxuto and Erica Love, who collaborate under the name the original copy. In their performance Talk to Me, they play ... More » »


New podcast – Matt Kalasky on science fiction movies, absurdity and starting an online arts magazine

Matt Kalasky spoke with us Oct 17 about his role as one of the founding editors of the new online arts journal, the The Nicola Midnight St. Claire (now temporarily called “The New, New Masses” – you can hear about that on their website). We also wanted to hear about his art, which takes the form of performance and video, often involving a large dose of science fiction or fantasy.  Matt graduated from Tyler with an MFA in sculpture in 2011 and even while a student he was in group exhibits in many venues in Philadelphia including Vox VI, the ... More » »

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