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Barefoot Artist Lily Yeh’s new documentary movie due out this year

Note: this article was written as part of Art Attack, the Philadelphia Daily News-Drexel University arts writing partnership, which recently ended before this story was published. Born in China in 1941, artist Lily Yeh experienced first-hand the ravages of that country’s civil war when her family became refugees, fleeing to Taiwan as the communists took over.  That personal story and the story of Yeh’s global art activism with communities from North Philadelphia to Rwanda and China is the subject of a new documentary film, The Barefoot Artist, now in post-production and ready for viewing later this year. Co-directed by Yeh’s ... More » »

Lithographer Ann Chernow, working on her anti-war print in the movie

Movie review – Art is…The Permanent Revolution

I have never known a movie title with an ellipsis in it…and I don’t imagine that will become a trend. But that’s a small nit to pick in Art is…The Permanent Revolution, a documentary by Manfred Kirchheimer that focuses on three contemporary printmakers who make anti-war art. Along the way, the movie tells the stories (and shows the images) of some of the greatest protest art through the ages. It’s hard to say what’s better in the 82 minute documentary, the behind-the-scenes look at the studio practice of Sigmund Abeles, etcher, Ann Chernow, lithographer and Paul Marcus, woodcutter, or the parade of ... More » »


Photo post sandwich – Two books and a movie reviewed

Photo Book – Reframing Photography Reframing Photography, the 560-page encyclopedic book on the subject includes everything about photography and then some. The book is for students, teachers and those in the self-taught orbit who want to do it themselves with a little help. Like those instruction manuals that come with your new camera, the book is a little overwhelming — although unlike those barely-English manuals, this book is written! There are fabulous essays written by the two authors, Rebekah Modrak and Bill Anthes, in each of the four subject parts, and they live up to the encyclopedia: dense, with history, ... More » »

INTOABYSS_eFlyer_LA (Page 1)

Pina – Quirky, beautiful, poignant dance in a great movie

The 103 minutes of Pina rush by quickly, even for a non-dance aficionado. It's not just the 3D effects in Wim Wenders' tribute to the late dancer/choreographer Pina Bausch, although there are a couple 3D wows. What is captivating is the love. Love of the dancers for their late artistic director (who died in 2009, 5 days after being diagnosed with cancer); love of Wenders for his subject; and love of human beings by Pina, whose exquisitely choreographed dances telescope the joy, sorrow and need of one human for another ... More » »

Battle of Algiers, Ali Le Pointe gets a gun for his first terrorist act for the revolution.  Before he was radicalized Ali was a petty criminal in and out of jail.  He is the most fierce of the revolutionaries.

Black and white and relevant – Battle of Algiers

Something about Matt Suib and Nadia Hironaka’s “Whiteout” at Locks Gallery tripped my memory of another desert/militarist/high contrast black and white moving picture, The Battle of Algiers. (Note: Whiteout really doesn’t bear strong resemblance to the 1966 movie but nevertheless the sand, the b&w…I guess I’m suggestible.  See a few images of Whiteout at flickr, and more on the Locks show in Weekly Update next Wednesday).