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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, "Solar Equation." Photo courtesy of the artist.

News post – Florcy Morriset wins Haitian honor, Serena Perrone visits San Francisco, words with Ryan Trecartin, opportunities and more!

News Florcy Morriset received a pivotal award last week when she was honored by Haitian Roundtable. Haitian American to Watch in the United States., indeed –  it’s phenomenal to see Florcy’s work with Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia and Vivant Art Collection get some extremely visible love. Nathaniel Popkin’s resistance to the rather unimaginative design for the Museum of the American Revolution has a couple of fronts going: he recently wrote about it in the Inquirer, and in the spirit of fun this week, he wrote “A Declaration of Architectural Independence” to drum up support from Philadelphians, and to show the Art Commission that there could and ... More » »

Book cover, Lion and Leopard

Lion and Leopard – Nathaniel Popkin’s book on the roaring art beasts of 19th Century Philadelphia

Nathaniel Popkin’s new book, Lion and Leopard merges history and fiction in a novel that reads like a 19th Century road trip. With three lead characters and a bad guy, the book, as a comedy sketch, might be titled Three Amigos meet the Devil along the road to Philadelphia and Yikes! he’s an artist. Intrigue and a plot to change the 19th Century art world in Philadelphia A story of intrigue told in a flashback by one of the characters, the book has gossip (who knew all this stuff about the Charles Willson Peale family?!) and exudes an earthy atmosphere that ... More » »


Decade-of-artblog videos – Episode 7!

Seven people speak about artblog in our 7th, Decade-of-artblog video! Watch this short 2-minute and 23-second video to hear what Julian Phillips, Syd Carpenter, Hilary Jay, Gary Steuer, Dave Kyu, Edith Newhall and Nathaniel Popkin have to say. [Hey everyone, we had our first Decade-of-artblog party this weekend and it was great!  We will have some photos to show you soon!  Thanks to everybody who came to celebrate with us, and sign up for a ticket to one of our two remaining parties on Nov. 7 and Nov. 9. We’d love to see you there. Details at TicketLeap! –the editors]

Red Grooms' "Philadelphia Cornucopia."

News post – Nathaniel Popkin’s new novel, act to save a Red Grooms treasure, Duct Tape Murals by Joe Girandola, opportunities and more!

News Our very own Elizabeth Johnson is curator of EDGE VS LINE at Lafayette College, a celebration of what happens when Edge (a sculptural term) meets Line (a term associated with flat art forms). The show features seven Lehigh Valley and two Brooklyn artists, including Dave Henderson, shown above, and closes today, so get there quickly to see it before it’s gone. After about five years of arduous work, Hidden City chronicler Nathaniel Popkin is about to welcome his first novel, Lion and Leopard, into the world. Published this fall by The Head and The Hand Press, the book is ... More » »

Warren Angle

News: Warren Angle’s passing, John Vick at NWAA, Wooster Collective at Print Center, and more…

News Warren Angle died Friday We are sad to bring you the news that Warren Angle passed away on Friday, September 9 after a long battle with cancer. Angle, an artist, was the exhibitions director of the Fleisher Art Memorial for many years. He will certainly be missed by many.  There’s a Facebook page set up as a memorial for Warren.

One City Art Movement Open to Everyone!

Read Nathaniel Popkin’s comprehensive piece on the Philly art scene at Philly Skyline, a new (to me anyway) local online magazine. Popkin leaves no stone unturned (including weaving the artblog ladies into the story–thanks Nathaniel!), and it’s a great read!!! And, bookmark this magazine. Its mix of longer pieces with literary styling (like Nathaniel’s) and blurbs about beer is great!