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Exhibit BE, a street art spectacular in New Orleans

[artblog editor Lianna Patch recaps a street-art exhibition in her hometown of New Orleans. — the artblog editors] Originally, New Orleans was only going to have a single day to see Exhibit BE. But this collaborative graffiti-art project, opened to the public in November 2014 and billed as the “largest urban art exhibition in the South,” just stayed open…and open…and open. The enormous, colorful show of spray-painted works, sculpture, and on-site performance soon became part of P.3+, a satellite exhibition program for New Orleans art biennal Prospect.3. It finally closed on Jan. 19, with a three-day party to mark its incredible success. Complex undertaking More ... More » »

"Cities of Ys, 2013", still from video.

In New Orleans – Camille Henrot dives into Houma oral traditions and finds connections to a lost city in Brittany

(Lianna’s post explores a project by French artist Camille Henrot that weaves together information about Louisiana’s Houma Indian Nation with ideas about loss of cultural identity and legends.) In Cities of Ys, her first solo exhibition in the U.S., French artist Camille Henrot explores the ever-changing definition of “culture.” Through video, sculpture, woodcuts and prints, Henrot draws connections between Louisiana’s Houma Indian Nation and the tribe’s rapidly disappearing native wetlands, and other cultures’ flooding myths, including the legend of Ys (pronounced EESS), a mythical drowned city in Henrot’s familial region of Brittany.  I talked with the artist and NOMA curator Miranda Lash ... More » »

Alex Podesta, Jumper, 2013. Mixed media.(130in x 32in x 46in as installed).

Union, Justice and Confidence – From New Orleans, The Front comes to Vox Populi

—Alyssa gives us some insight into a diverse and challenging group show of New Orleans artists at Vox Populi.–the artblog editors————————-> The challenge of Union, Justice, Confidence, a show by members of New Orleans’ The Front’s collective, is one of compartmentalization — how to view the show at Vox Populi through the lens of each of the 14 member artists and how to assimilate the pieces into a larger whole of the show’s parts. The Front, established in post-Katrina New Orleans, grounds its artistic reputation in provocative and demanding works, just as Vox Populi does.  Unlike Vox Populi, however, The Front has the distinction ... More » »

Mushrooms growing on Mushroom Bump at Grow Dat Farm, New Orleans.  Photo courtesy of the artists

A mushroom grows in New Orleans – Mei-ling Hom and David McClelland’s art and fungi project

—>Mei-ling Hom and David McClelland report on a project they did in New Orleans this Winter. David and Mei-ling, former Philadephias and friends of artblog, now live on their working farm in upstate New York.  This new project of theirs creates some whimsy in the Post-Katrina landscape, but adds a layer of hope — that art in community agriculture can produce magic results.–the artblog editors—> Post by Mei-ling Hom and David McClelland The Joan Mitchell Center is currently in the process of establishing an arts center in New Orleans in a grand 19th century house half way between the French ... More » »

Alsbrooks - Marianne Beckett

Strange beauty — West Collection artists debut in New Orleans at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

—>Our New Orleans correspondent tells us of a show of gritty works by Philadelphia artists on view now in her home town. We should note that another group of Philly artists showed work in NOLA recently at The Front, in an exchange show with Vox Populi (The Front artists show is installed in Philly this June).–the artblog editors——————>Philadelphia, a multimedia show at  Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, offers diverse interpretations of the City of Brotherly Love. The five featured artists — all part of the West Collection — seem tied together by their connection to environment — gritty and post-industrial. ... More » »

Chuck Patch

Common Ground – New Orleans Photo Alliance Takes It to the Street with five photographers

Ever worry about being caught in a tourist’s stray photo? You can lay that fear to rest. What you really have to worry about is street photographers—those seemingly innocuous documentarians roaming your city with Nikons and Leicas, ready to turn your mundanest of moments into a social commentary. Case in point: “Common Ground: New American Street Photography,” now on view at the New Orleans Photo Alliance until March 23. Curated by Stephen McLaren, “Common Ground” showcases the work of contemporary American street photographers Jack Simon, Bryan Formhals, Chuck Patch, Blake Andrews, and Richard Bram. Armed with his camera of choice, ... More » »

Perspective on Prospect 1 in New Orleans

Post by Cheryl Harper Prospect 1 New Orleans is the newest world biennial and the largest in the United States. The organizer, Dan Cameron, envisioned a showcase for cutting edge international artists throughout the recovering city while providing significant opportunities for New Orleans artists. The idea is to bring serious art tourists to the city during this and four future biennials, and thus gain a foothold for an American version of the Venice Biennale. Prospect 1 sets itself apart from the commercial Art Basel even though their calendars somewhat overlapped. The longer Prospect 1 closes January 18, 2009. The combination ... More » »

Henri Cartier-Bresson and Chuck Patch, together at last!

Chuck Patch, photo of two men on a New Orleans street. This just in from Chuck Patch, our dear friend and extraordinary photographer based in New Orleans (but soon moving to Baltimore, so stay tuned…). Chuck is in an exhibit in Paris sponsored by the Cultural Ministry. It’s a photography show about New Orleans and Chuck’s in really good company. Here’s who’s in the show: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alain Desvergnes, Bryce Lankard, Gilles Mora, Owen Murphy, Chuck Patch, Christopher Porche West, Victoria Ryan, Louis Sahuc, Jennifer Shaw, Mark Sindler and Donn Young. Show’s at the ministere de la Culture et de ... More » »