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A good day in Chelsea

We said it before and we’ll say it again, we had a good trip to Chelsea Friday and saw a lot of great stuff. Much of it is in its last week, so run if you want to catch it. These guys are fantastic. Robert Colescott at Kravets-Wehby We loved Robert Colescott At Kravets-Wehby for his raunchy straight-ahead sex, lies and Minnie Mouse imagery. Great painter, great compositions. He takes Jim Crow and makes it his own. We are reminded of energy and transgressiveness of Jorg Immendorff and his Cafe Deutchland paintings. Nick Cave at Jack Shainman Nick Cave‘s fashion ... More » »


New York revives my faith in art

A digital C-Pring of the artist Nick Cave modeling one of his body art/costumes/sculptures Imagine the pleasure of seeing really great stuff in Chelsea!! My energy has returned. I’m going to start with an ode to the return of juicy sculpture and then move on to remind us that cartoons are not just a kiddy medium. Nick Cave Soundsuits, by Nick Cave Nick Cave at Jack Shainman Gallery continues to mix costume, ritual, Mardi Gras and African imagery using the most unlikely scavenged thrift shop materials, making silk purses from sows’ ears. The Soundsuits knocked me off my feet–once again ... More » »

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