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Southern men accused of a race murder

From the vault — January 2007 — Rosalyn Drexler at Pace-Wildenstein

[In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary in 2013, we’re bringing you posts from the past. Here, Roberta raves about a 2007 retrospective of pop artist Rosalyn Drexler’s work — the artblog editors] Painter of pop noir, Rosalyn Drexler, whose collage paintings from the 1960s blew us away when they appeared at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in 2004, is having a solo show at Pace Wildenstein Gallery [which returned to being the Pace Gallery in 2010]! This is excellent news for all who are interested in correcting art history’s record and including strong artists like Drexler who were overlooked the first time around. I interviewed Drexler ... More » »


New York in March – Weather outside is frightful but inside so delightful

It rained, sleeted and snowed even, but we walked the High Line, ate at a nice noisy bistro downtown and loved drying off inside looking at some art.  All in all a pretty great 24 hours. Friday, Mar. 15, 2013: The listing in the New Yorker was so intriguing Cate and I had to check it out. Experimental Philosophy, with 3D videos by experimental video maker Ben Coonley, at NYU. What on earth is experimental philosophy, we wondered, and how would it be captured in 3D video? Was someone pulling someone’s leg? Was it an art project? What it turned ... More » »

HighLine at 25th St.  Funny picture window to look through and be looked at.

New York day trip – great show at Ronald Feldman, good show at Pace MacGill and great walk on the Highline

Cate and I took a leisurely downtown walk one day late last month and saw one interesting show and one fantastic show. And because we both love it so, we took another walk on the Highline.

Anselm Kiefer, installation Next Year in Jerusalem, at Gagosian

Chelsea – We look high and low and run into friends

It was a day of big sculpture installations and unexpected encounters with friends. Cate ran around with us in Chelsea. We also had a gastro-incident and a gastro-delight: At our usual eatery, Pepe Giallo, the little Italian place at 253 10th Ave, we hadn’t even ordered when our wait person came to us and said they couldn’t take our order because the NY Dept of Health had just walked in to do a surprise kitchen check. We hope they passed. Ever resourceful, we crossed the street and tried Trestle on Tenth at 242 10th (between 24th and 25th). Cate and ... More » »