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Furniture, installation detail.
Photo courtesy of Matt Suib/Greenhouse Media

Family and community – The Way of the Chopsticks at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

(Jennifer visits an exhibit that raises issues of freedom, community, family and the future in China.  But there are more universal echoes here as well.–the artblog editors) What a wonderful time to see contemporary Chinese art in Philadelphia! artblog‘s Rachel Heidenry recently wrote about the current show at Drexel University’s Leonard Pearlstein Gallery which features graduates of the China Central Academy of Art.  The Philadelphia Art Alliance is also hosting two acclaimed contemporary Chinese artists in their current exhibition, The Way of the Chopsticks.   This site-specific installation by married couple and international art stars Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen effectively uses ... More » »

Hongtao Zhou, "Burniture." Wax, 2011.

The Tool at Hand and Molly Hatch’s ceramic Reverie at Philadelphia Art Alliance

Molly Hatch’s resume is a love letter to fine craft: with awards, teaching positions and accolades galore, she captures the zeitgeist of good design that’s become so prevalent in the last few years. Hatch’s decorative plate exhibition, Reverie, combines gridworks of round plates on which the artist has painted a unified image, much as an artist might paint an image on a flat canvas. The patterns she uses for her imagery look old fashioned and the feel is that of stepping into another century. Fitting, as she’s recreated scenes from her Boston mercantile family’s own collection of dinnerware, accrued over ... More » »

Emily Cobb, The Elk whose Antlers Wouldn't Stop Growing

Emily Cobb’s fairy tale-inspired jewelry at Philadelphia Art Alliance

IMAGINE AN ELK whose antlers sprawl upward and outward like a 10-story apartment building. Then imagine there are inhabitants of those antlers – birds and squirrels and people who built a child’s tree house and left it there. Now try to see yourself wearing “The Elk With Antlers That Never Stopped Growing,” a piece of 21st-century art jewelry that encircles your head and neck like a whimsical bramble bush. To witness this 3-D fairy-tale object and others equally fantastical, head to the Philadelphia Art Alliance for “Legends,” a show of visionary jewelry made by 25-year-old Emily Cobb, who designs her ... More » »


Legends – Studio Jewelry by Emily Cobb at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

Four laboratory mice escaped Emily Cobb’s imagination, exited the lab with a rope held aloft by blue balloons, and turned into a neckpiece. The rope wraps around the wearer’s neck, and the balloons sit like a stand-up collar. Emily begins the mice’s story: Four mice unaccounted for. One wire cage destroyed. Several ripped lab gloves found on table. Window ajar. Visitors to her exhibition, Legends, are encouraged to complete the tale. She provides blank books for that purpose, one for each piece of her exquisite, miniature sculptural jewelry, on display at the Philadelphia Art Alliance through Dec. 10, 2012. Visitors ... More » »


Fringe Festival – The agony and passion of The Artists’ Women

As any student of art history knows, many great male artists had more than one woman in their lives – and not just because of sexual extra-curriculars. “The Artists’ Women,” (last performances today, September 16th at the Philadelphia Art Alliance) brings alive the idea of woman as Muse (L’Egerie), exploring the lives of the women who were entangled, artistically and otherwise, with the likes of Fra Filippo Lippi, Duchamp, Picasso and Dali. The central character in this world-premiere script from University of the Arts theater grad and YeuxVeuxBelle Collective co-founder Annie Such is sculptor Camille Claudel (Shannon Remley). Claudel, entwined ... More » »

John Maeda, Fireball.  Image from Thinking in Practice

News post – Knitting with the PAA, Bartol grants, Thwing & Mosely, Musson, opportunities and more!

News Two on technology – 1. President of RISD John Maeda, featured in a Q&A in Thinking In Practice, the online magazine, says some interesting things about artists and the future. “Technologies are raw forms of enablement; art and design take those technologies and bring commercial and cultural relevance to them. Whether those technologies are an oil-based pigment that dries glossy, or a tubular form of steel that bends easily, or a mechanical platform with 4 tires, or a TV screen that lets you change more than the broadcasting channel, artists and designers are the ones who see the potential in these materials ... More » »

Adam Wallacavage

Philadelphia Art Alliance design sampler – Wylie, Fujita and Wallacavage

From quirky lighting design to decoupage and conceptual installations, there is a healthy sampling to feast your eyes on at the Philadelphia Art Alliance this month in three solo exhibitions by Eva Wylie, Michael Fujita and Adam Wallacavage. Eva Wylie approaches the art of decoupage with pop cultural sensibilities and an eye for both representational and abstract forms. Her pieces immediately seem like amorphous shapes, somewhat crowded spaces of mostly bright colors with faded backgrounds. The compositions, however, are not painted. They are individual cutouts of various recognizable forms applied to poster-sized paper or the wall itself. Among the silhouettes sampled by ... More » »


PEI grants to seven arts organizations including ICA, PMA, Art Alliance, Michener

Pew Center for Arts and Heritage today announced $1.1 million in grants to seven local arts arts organizations for exhibitions or exhibition planning. The recipient institutions represent some of the largest museums in the region — the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Michener Museum, and several respected local arts organizations — Philadelphia Art Alliance, The Print Center, Ars Nova and the Schuylkill Center. This year’s grants bring the total given by the Pew’s PEI to $13 million for 119 projects since the program began in 1997. Among the exhibitions to be funded that artblog is ... More » »

The "Hunger Games" Mockingjay brooch, by Tim O'Brien.

News Post – Tech Week creativity, Croquis Cafe, Ingrid Schaffner at A.I.R., opportunities and more!

News Gallery news – Dalet Gallery is partnering with Headlong Dance Theater for a special body performance installation, “Situations for Unlikely Bodies,” a work-in-progress by Sheila Zagar, Jaamil Kosoko and Caroline Stinger of Headlong. The performance is Sunday April 15  — drop in between 7:30pm and 9pm.  Fjord Gallery, 2419 Frankford is a new-to-us Kensington contemporary gallery and studio space started by Lindsay Chandler and three other local artists. opens on the First Friday of May. We think this is a terrific tool for artists who lack access to live models! The Croquis Cafe, an online collection of artist’s models, provides one-, two- and ... More » »


News – Nichols Berg, Cambridge Street Studios, Divine Lorraine,Data Garden, opportunities and more!

NEWS Gallery classes – Beginning this spring and continuing through the summer, Nichols Berg Gallery  will host workshops in the gallery taught by Clarissa Shanahan (teaming up with Scott Nichols of Nichols Berg) on subjects including encaustics, manuscript illuminations and printmaking. And Cambridge Street Studios, a new realist atelier in Philly, is having their Grand Opening Gala this coming Saturday, March 31st.  The studio/school also has classes.  Check their website. Boundary-defying record label and journal Data Garden is running a plant-based audio exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art April 13-15. Four large tropical plants outfitted with specialized electronic sensors to process their physiological data will produce ... More » »

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