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Past and present: New Orleans Museum of Art photography curators hold a dialogue about the museum's photographic holdings.

Camera-derie — Six photography curators chat about curation at the New Orleans Museum of Art

[artblog editor Lianna Patch attended a panel of photography curators last month at the New Orleans Museum of Art, during which the curators spoke about what they each added to the museum’s extensive photography collection. — the artblog editors] Want to see one of the largest permanent photographic collections in the country? Head to the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), where a long lineup of curators has been collecting photographs since the 1970s. Last month, NOMA hosted an unusual event to celebrate the close of massive retrospective Photography at NOMA. The museum brought together five of its photography curators from ... More » »

Culture War Memorial: Imperfect Moments: "Mapplethorpe and Censorship 20 Years Later" at Penn

Robert Mapplethorpe Self-Portrait © Estate of Robert Mapplethorpe.In the late 80s and 90s the political far right had the most sophisticated appreciation of the power of art in the U.S. and harnessed it to build what would come to be known as the Moral Majority. The power they employed was fueled by fear; fear of difference, of the unknown, of people who were not like them. The far right understood the power of art to embody and personify those differences. They fired the initial shots of what would come to be known as the Culture Wars and twenty years later ... More » »

Women’s Work

Lee Miller Self-Portrait in Headband, New York (1932), Lee Miller Archives © Lee Miller Archives, England 2008. All rights reserved. The last time Miller posed as a fashion model for Vogue she was the photographer as well. The credit ran photographer: Lee Miller, model: MISS LEE MILLER (COIFFURE BY DIMITRI) There’s a confluence of exhibitions in or coming to Philadelphia that raise overlapping questions about women’s agency, their representation and self-presentation. They’ve also got me thinking about the extent to which one should consider biography in assessing artwork, something I’m not inclined to do. The Art of Lee Miller opened ... More » »