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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, "Solar Equation." Photo courtesy of the artist.

News post – Florcy Morriset wins Haitian honor, Serena Perrone visits San Francisco, words with Ryan Trecartin, opportunities and more!

News Florcy Morriset received a pivotal award last week when she was honored by Haitian Roundtable. Haitian American to Watch in the United States., indeed –  it’s phenomenal to see Florcy’s work with Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia and Vivant Art Collection get some extremely visible love. Nathaniel Popkin’s resistance to the rather unimaginative design for the Museum of the American Revolution has a couple of fronts going: he recently wrote about it in the Inquirer, and in the spirit of fun this week, he wrote “A Declaration of Architectural Independence” to drum up support from Philadelphians, and to show the Art Commission that there could and ... More » »

Annette Monnier pointing to her to-do list

Monnier on Trecartin

Annette Monnier aces the serve in her essay on the Ryan Trecartin show at PS1 in her blog One Review A Month. She also back-hands volleys at Jackson Pollock, not to mention at Lyonel Feininger and at Cory Arcangel both at the Whitney. See who emerges the winner. Game, set, match.

Ryan Trecartin, Any Ever (2009-10)

Ryan Trecartin’s Any Ever at P.S.1

I finished viewing Ryan Trecartin’s Any Ever and left bloated with images, memes, and satires. The exhibition, which runs at P.S.1 through September 3, is composed of seven independent but interrelated videos. Trecartin’s work relies heavily on references to reality television and leaves viewers rattled by the ever-blurry distinction between his video world and our own. Any Ever carries a lot of virtual hype, but invites you and your emotional reaction to roll around on a real world couch made of walkers and hospital mattresses.

Kalup Linzy, from All da Churen

Weekly Update – Queer as voices

Queer Voice at ICA is a clear sign of how comfortable we’ve become with people, places and things that are queer, a word primarily defined by Merriam-Webster as characterizing things that are “differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal,” but which has come to have a second meaning encompassing nearly everything and everyone deviating from gender and sexual norms.

Laurie Anderson from ‘O Superman (for Massenet)’  video (1981)

Queer Voices at the ICA

Queer Voice, at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA ), University of Pennsylvania through August 1, 2010 is an exhibition organized around an idea: that a number of artists since the 1960s have created narrative or performance-based work that emphasizes the voice, the voice distorted or manipulated such that gender is divorced from sex and/or gender is undistinguishable: a queer voice.  And this queer voice, in turn, establishes a queer or de-familiarized space for the audience. That the work of the nine artists does not clearly support this thesis, or that the thesis misses the most significant aspects of the ... More » »

Ryan Trecartin, happy, after being awarded the Wolgin Prize

Ryan Trecartin wins Wolgin Prize

Ryan Trecartin, maker of weirdly wonderful videos that disturb by channeling today’s culture and parodying it back, won the first $150,000 Wolgin Prize for art tonight at a ceremony at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art.

Ryan Trecartin, image from one of his videos, now playing at both the New Museum and the Fabric Workshop.

Weekly Update — Fab at the Fabric Workshop

This week’s Weekly has my review of the summer shows at the Fabric Workshop and Museum.  Below’s the copy with some pictures. Ryan Trecartin’s video projections are the wildest thing to come to the Fabric Workshop and Museum since Virgil Marti’s black-lighted Bullies Wallpaper appeared in the men’s bathroom in its old space in the Gilbert Building. Trecartin’s three lengthy narratives (clocking in at 68 minutes, 50 minutes and 31 minutes) are installed in separate prop-strewn screening rooms that mimic the colorful chaotic worlds in the videos.


Younger than Jesus at the New Museum

It’s young! It’s New! And Jesus, some of it is really pretty good–but not all of it. The New Museum exhibit The Generational: Younger than Jesus, the show of Gen Y Millenials and the first of what’s billed as a triennial roundup of what’s young and hot in art, is more about the show itself–a quickie soundbite txtng to the world how the internet and technology have changed art in light of the change in humanity’s self-view in a cyberworld where time and reality are radically different from the past.

South Philly Biennial sunshine

On this gloomy day in Philadelphia I want to post some pictures of the sunshine and brilliant colors of the South Philly Biennial, a 21st Century Woodstock in a parking lot that pulled a couple hundred people together to celebrate the thriving art community that’s sprung up in South Philly and loves it there. Libby and I spoke briefly and received an award for helping art grow. Our gold statuettes (they remind me of the Oscars!) were utterly sweet just like the whole event organized by the energetic and community-spirited artist, Athena Barat. More photos at my flickr and here ... More » »

Art video gets a grip–and the Philly blackout

Ryan Trecartin’s “I-Be Area” video still. Go here for the video courtesy of Ryan Trecartin and Elizabeth Dee Gallery on New York Times web site I used to think that if I never saw another art video, I’d die a happy woman. No more. At last, lots of video artists have gotten off their high-art horse (we’ve mentioned this any number of times)–and there’s a terrific article by Holland Carter in the New York Times on this very subject, today. The article which discusses, among others, Kalup Linzy–he was in a show at Temple Gallery last year and I hope ... More » »

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