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Mel Bochner 'Blah, Blah, Blah' (2010) oil on velvet

Art Miami and Design Miami, 2011

On the way to Art Miami, held this year in the midst of a group of other fairs in Wynwood, across the bay from Miami Beach, I ran into Jayson Musson who was heading off to see a friend at Scope, one block south.  Jayson had come to Miami to do Hennessy Youngman Presents: His History of Art at the NADA fair on December 1, and commented that the entry price to Art Basel Miami Beach was prohibitive. It was. I mentioned that those of us in Philadelphia wish him well, but also wish his descriptor, living in New York ... More » »

Sandow Birk, American Qu'ran, detail.  Note the vernacular imagery with the ornate script, in English,

Happy talk in Miami

Words poured out of gallery director Catharine Clark when we asked her about Sandow Birk and his American Qur’an drawings (on view at Pulse). She told us that before the show at her eponymous gallery, there was a lot of internet buzz calling the work anti-Islam, even though the accusers hadn’t seen it. So on opening night, Clark for the first time ever had security on hand. Once people set their eyes on the work, however, they were no longer offended. It’s neither pro-West nor pro-Islam. The imagery is juxtaposed to a Sura in the Koran that is called Smoke, ... More » »