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Nicole Donnelly and Andrew Chalfen at Seeds Gallery

One of Philadelphia’s newest hyper-local, contemporary art spaces is the Seeds Gallery located in West Philly at 50th and Baltimore. Since opening its doors to the public over the summer of 2012, Seeds has been headed by director Mary Tasillo, who seeks to focus her curatorial efforts on the rich, local art emerging from every crevice in the city. The current, inaugural-year ending exhibition is a two-person show highlighting work by Nicole Donnelly and Andrew Chalfen. Both artists have distinct, abstract styles, and in the gallery, their work delineates a healthy line of contrast through the center of the space; ... More » »


News post – LAMOCA turmoil, Jayson Musson at Salon 94, Julien Robson news, opportunities and more!

News This just in from Libby and Roberta — We learned today that Curator of Contemporary Art Julien Robson will no longer be at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts as of the end of the month. What’s next for the risk-taking curator who brought contemporary art from Philadelphia and the hinterlands into PAFA’s exhibition spaces? Other projects, he said, including bringing artist Mel Chin to “curated by-Vienna,” an international art exhibit in its fourth year.  Julien was one of 25 curators invited to participate in the 22-gallery art festival, which opens Sept. 20, 2012. The show this year ... More » »