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News – Jason Lazarus, Knapp Gallery closing, Richard Torchia at CENTERpieces, and curators, curators, curators

News Jason Lazarus will take your unwanted photos Do you have photos that are too painful to keep around? If so, Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus will take them.  He’s collecting unwanted photos for an art installation. There’s no need to provide the background for the photos, and if you feel they are too private to be shown, the artist will display them face down. Lazarus can pick them up on Sunday February 5 from 10 AM – 7 PM. E-mail him at jasonlazarus.photo@gmail.com or call 312-953-2885. Knapp Gallery closing Old City’s Knapp Gallery is closing up shop at the end of ... More » »

Lesley Mitchell, "Fire", Printmaking & collage with canvas cover.

News: Art and airplanes, Printeresting edits, opportunities, and more!

News The art and airplane trend We’ve told you  before about Jordan Griska’s “Grumman Greenhouse“, the repurposed submarine bomber turned sculpture/community greenhouse that was recently installed in Lenfest Plaza. Well artist Matthew Day Jackson also has part of a plane – the cockpit of a B-29 – on display in London as part of his exhibit at Hauser & Wirth. The piece is entitled “Axis Mundi”, and while it is cool, it isn’t a greenhouse, so we think Griska wins this round.

Beal, Stephen

Fiber at Snyderman

If you’re still thinking there’s a big divide between art and crafts, the 7th International Fiber Biennial will set you straight. Much of the work reflects social and artistic concerns and all of it is beautifully made. The exhibit, at Snyderman Gallery, features fiber art from 61 artists, who come from as far away as Denmark and Korea, with 15 of them from the Philadelphia area. Among my favorites are two pieces about America’s long-term contentious issue–race. One is from a white artist, one from an African American artist, and as always, the subject is loaded with feelings.

Lot’s Going on in Philadelphia

A Clean Break installation, part of Design Philadelphia, at 313 S. Broad Street. photo courtesy of City Paper Design Philadelphia’s Urban VisionsThere’s a lot to see at the moment. Firstly, Design Philadelphia has events all over the place. Don’t miss the group of eco-friendly, affordable and occasionally pre-fab projects for improving urban living that are set up on a vacant lot opposite the Kimmel Center with work by an international group of designers. A Clean Break (also covered by Libby, below), organized by Minima Gallery (up through Oct. 30th) features projects that are realistic and/or in actual use, such as ... More » »

The fab fiber four: the second stitch

This is the second of two posts on some fiber exhibits I saw. Here’s the first one. 6th International Fiber BiennialSnyderman/Works Galleries About 100 artists from far and wide were selected for this exhibit, now in its 6th year, curated by Snyderman Gallery director/exhibition curator, Bruce Hoffman. This show is the seed from which the full extravaganza of fiber exhibits in Philadelphia grew. The range of materials and methods is as astounding as ever, from quilted film to plastic discs arranged in a grid to suggest the grid of woven fabric. The craftsmanship was uniformly outstanding. Here’s what I found ... More » »

News blast: Xiang Yang in New York and here

One of Xiang Yang’s embroideries from his series Relationship–Bushism and Sadamism. In this piece, which was at the Painted Bride a year ago, the embroidery links portraits of Kim Il Jung and Mao Tse Tung A year ago, the folks at Snyderman stopped in the Painted Bride and were as blown away as we are by Xiang Yang’s emboidery, which mixes contemporary political and cultural issues with the ancient art of embroidery and Chinese and Western visual traditions. Snyderman now represents Xiang, and placed him in an exhibit at the Museum of Design & Arts, opening Nov. 8. The exhibit, ... More » »

Nancy Crow’s smart quilts at Snyderman

Nancy Crow, markings #1, Photo by Kevin Fitzsimons You don’t have to be a quilt fan to fall for Nancy Crow’s quilts at Snyderman. The quilts are abstract paintings in fabric. Some of them depict a battle between figure ground and between colors. Some of them seem to be about making marks, even though the marks are choices of fabric rather than painterly actions. All of them are cognizant of the art historical conversations going on since the advent Constructivism, Bauhaus and Minimalism. I am reminded of Precisionist work from Charles Demuth or the photographs of skyscrapers and girders from ... More » »