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The Photo Review annual Garden Party goes inside this year

—>Roman goes to a garden party hosted by The Photo Review, meets lots of photographers and sees their works.–the artblog editors——-> The Photo Review Annual Garden Party was held at an incredible restored church in Philadelphia’s cultural hub of Fishtown. The old Siloam Church building completed and dedicated in 1876 is now the residence and studio of photographer and host Dominic Episcopo and wife Dawn. Dominic was out on a book signing tour for the release of “Meat America” the American spirit, humor and verve told through unique photographs. But Dawn was there as hostess. The party was a fond welcome ... More » »

Jacolby Satterwhite's "The Matriarch's Rhapsody."

News post – Tacita Dean at Arcadia, NY accolades for Jacolby Satterwhite, Philly Photo Day book, opportunities and more!

News An exciting presentation of works by British artist Tacita Dean is coming to the region this month, to continue throughout the spring. To start with, Arcadia University Art Gallery is hosting Dean’s film JG, inspired by Dean’s correspondence with British author J. G. Ballard. This work employs the same technique seen in FILM, Dean’s 2011 project for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, and uses Dean’s recently developed and patented system of aperture gate masking. The exhibition commences with a lecture by Dean, organized by Gallery Director Richard Torchia, in the Commons Great Room on February 7 at 6:30 PM. Additional events at Arcadia continue through April 21, including a lecture on ... More » »

Laura Heyman's photos of Haiti are at PPAC this month

Group hug – Togetherness in Philadelphia’s photo community

Stephen Perloff is plugged in to Philadelphia’s photo world via his esteemed quarterly publication, The Photo Review. A self-taught photographer with a graduate degree in history, he made himself invaluable to photographers and photo lovers, covering all aspects of photography in his journal and turning that publication into a virtual Philadelphia photo center — a place to read about exhibitions; read interviews with artists; and find the latest opportunities. Perloff launched the Photo Review in 1976, and he characterized that era in Philadelphia as a golden age for photography. As for the current photo scene, “We’re getting back to the ... More » »

Photo Review’s annual auction–we were there

We constantly get hit up to write about all the auction/fundraisers out there (we rarely do; it’s all you’d end up reading here if we covered them in a serious way).