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John Kelly and video projections from The Escape Artist

Performance artist John Kelly escapes into Caravaggio – an artblog radio podcast

John Kelly got a scholarship to American Ballet Theater when he was 17. After dancing for a while he went to Parsons to study art. Then he hit the East Village Paradise Club and began performing, singing songs, in boy drag or other drag (e.g., dressed as Joni Mitchell), and the rest is history. Kelly, with a 3-octave range, calls himself a “Range Queen.” Yes, in addition to being multi-talented, he has a very good sense of humor. Kelly has performed many places including at Brooklyn Academy of Music, and debuted his one-person piece, The Escape Artist, at PS 122 ... More » »

John Kelly brings his one-person performance The Escape Artist to Bryn Mawr College this Friday.

John Kelly on performance art, singing and escaping into art – next on artblog radio!

John Kelly is a performance artist and vocalist known for his 3-octave range, for vocal impersonations of Joni Mitchell and for theatrical performances that explore the genius of art and artists. Kelley, who was in ICA’s Queer Voice in 2011, is coming to Bryn Mawr College this Friday, Jan. 24,  to perform his one-person show “The Escape Artist,” which is loosely based on an experience he had when he fell off a trapeze, broke his neck and was flat on his back in the hospital ER for 15 hours staring at the ceiling.  In this clip from our interview he ... More » »