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blue light projection on wall and ceiling

Sort-of Live Comments – Vox building and Space 1026 on First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

(Sadly, this reporter’s fumble fingers vaporized the 6-minute Live Comments voice recording I made Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. As with the dictates of Murphy’s Law, I had no backup version. So what we have below, folks, is a lemonade of Live Comments — a paraphrased version of what people said to me at the Vox building and Space 1026 last Friday night.  P. S. Burned once, I will never again edit from an un-backed up audio file.  Look for more (really) Live Comments in the future.) John Phillips: I just saw great John Moore paintings (at Locks Gallery to Nov. 8) ... More » »

Zip Line Tow Rope (detail)

Imperfect geometry — Gary Petersen’s zip line tow rope

[Noreen gets sucked into an energetic but unsettling work that speaks to color’s undeniable links with emotion; she places it in context with other artists and movements. — the artblog editors] Western painting in the past two centuries exhibits an on-and-off relationship with color; from the wild oranges and yellows of the Fauvists to the abandonment of color in World War-era Expressionism. However, the love of color returned with mid-20th-century painters–pioneers of movements such as Post-Painterly Abstraction, Hard-Edge, and Color Field Painting. zip line tow rope, a new exhibition by Gary Petersen at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, reveres and redefines this formative ... More » »

tsa 5

To Tiger With Love — Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s anniversary show

[This celebratory show asked members of artist-run gallery Tiger Strikes Asteroid to write a love letter to their community space. Joshua takes a tour, sharing a few of the show’s works and its film inspiration. — the artblog editors] Dearest readers, you are cordially invited to attend the joyous and auspicious event of Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s five-year anniversary! In an exhibition titled To Tiger With Love, both current and former members of the artistic commune were asked to write a love letter to TSA. Works were to be the same size as a standard sheet of paper (8½” x 11”) and ... More » »

Still Life, 8- x 8-

The purgatory of inbetweenness — Andrea Gaydos Landau at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

[Noreen reviews a show that asks the viewer to rethink conceptions of space and logic, tying in both weight and whimsy and finding a balance. — the artblog editors] The work on the walls of Tiger Strikes Asteroid this month is in limbo: a state of uncertainty, paradox, and–like the name of the show–double negatives. Never Wanted Nothing, a solo show by Philadelphia artist Andrea Gaydos Landau, engages its viewers in the melancholy of inbetweenness. Read between the lines The work explores a variety of media, from sculptural drawings to collage. Upon the viewer’s entrance, the left wall of the ... More » »

Kirk McCarthy, detail of grouping on shelf

June in Chinatown – Great member shows at Vox, raucous New Dreamz at Space 1026 and more!

I saw a bunch of good things this June, including performance, video and a wonderful installation by Kirk McCarthy at TandM Gallery on the 4th floor of the Vox building. Here’s my brief overview. Libby and I were out First Friday but because things were running late, we were too, so we only saw two things –  the 5 into 1 show at Moore (very good – congratulations to all the graduates in the show, including artblog contributors, Lucy Heurich and Veronica Perez!) and the New Dreamz performance at Space 1026 (amazing, brave and funny, with moments of eye-rolling silliness). ... More » »

Judy Gelles' ethereal trailer park imagery, on view at LACMA now. Photo: LA Times, via the artist.

News post – OACCE welcomes Helen Haynes, Jennifer Bartlett’s “History” in the Hamptons, Judy Gelles at LACMA, opportunities and more!

News   As a sponsor of the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby this year, we’re enthusiastic about any and all efforts to bring attention to our local treasure. Adrienne Justice is currently producing a two-part film for NicJusticeMedia.com showcasing the 8th Annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby as well as the 9th Annual Trenton Avenue Arts Festival! You can view part one of the documentary, with the other soon to arrive. For those planning on attending Ed Sozanski’s memorial service, it’s been scheduled for May 31 at 10 AM at the First Unitarian Church. We have a new Chief Cultural Officer! In a press conference at ... More » »

Ralph Pugay's "Dogs Barking at Weapons," 2013, acrylic on canvas, at Vox Populi

First Friday of the New Year – Great stuff out there in the Vox building and at Space 1026

(Libby and I had a date with the B-roll team from WHYY’s Friday Arts on Jan. 3. Maybe you saw us at the Vox building or Space 1026. You say, What is B-roll? Well, it’s not sushi is my reply. ) Vox building Accompanied by Cate who was visiting from New York, and all mic’d up and ready for our video shoot,  we headed up the stairs at 319 N. 11th, with filmmaker/director Michael O’Reilly, audio engineer Charlie Kaier and cameraman Paul Parmalee in tow. First stop, the new TandM Space on the 4th floor. Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowics, who ... More » »

Donald Martiny, Yukpa, polymer and pigment

Chase the dog days away – A summer-themed show at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

“Ice Water Flyswatter,” despite its poetic pun of a title, won’t actually have a chilling effect on your interest in art. The exhibition, a collection of nine summer-themed artworks up now at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, shows a cold and calculated mastery of certain artistic forms, while also offering a ‘hot’ selection of abstract art. The latter includes works reminiscent of Frank Stella, Claes Oldenburg and Henri Matisse. Curated by Philadelphian Douglas Witmer, this show is both an exploration of the thrilling design elements present in abstract visual work and a unique portal through which to examine the themes and concerns ... More » »

Reflected, projected light scintillates on the projection screen.

Sonic booms by Ezra Masch and Alex Braidwood at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

—>Chip gets an earful at Tiger Strikes Asteroid in a sonic piece by two artists. —the artblog editors———————-> Two artists – Ezra Masch and Alex Braidwood – are in the midst of an installation at Tiger Strikes Asteroid that is more of a sensory experience than a concrete concept or physical artwork. Entitled “End Transmission,” the project harnesses the phenomenon of noise beyond just its auditory qualities, although there is certainly a surplus of sound. In fact, reverberations shudder down the hallway outside of the Tiger space, priming unwitting visitors with vibrations before they even set foot inside. Having recently collaborated ... More » »

A view of Nora Salzman's display case and portraits as part of "Studies and Specimens."

Nora Salzman’s showcase of display at TSA

Nora Salzman’s first solo show at Tiger Strikes Asteroid is as much an experiment in curation and display as the art objects themselves. In “Studies and Specimens,” Salzman expertly constructs one centrally located cabinet which houses two opposing bodies of work – one three dimensional, the other painted. Both are based on the human form, but otherwise seem as if they were drawn from two entirely different collections. Salzman merges traditional concepts with distinctly contemporary aesthetic elements One side of the Plexiglas-laden structure in the middle of the gallery includes portraits of a man painted onto a series of panels. These ... More » »

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