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Reflected, projected light scintillates on the projection screen.

Sonic booms by Ezra Masch and Alex Braidwood at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

—>Chip gets an earful at Tiger Strikes Asteroid in a sonic piece by two artists. —the artblog editors———————-> Two artists – Ezra Masch and Alex Braidwood – are in the midst of an installation at Tiger Strikes Asteroid that is more of a sensory experience than a concrete concept or physical artwork. Entitled “End Transmission,” the project harnesses the phenomenon of noise beyond just its auditory qualities, although there is certainly a surplus of sound. In fact, reverberations shudder down the hallway outside of the Tiger space, priming unwitting visitors with vibrations before they even set foot inside. Having recently collaborated ... More » »

A view of Nora Salzman's display case and portraits as part of "Studies and Specimens."

Nora Salzman’s showcase of display at TSA

Nora Salzman’s first solo show at Tiger Strikes Asteroid is as much an experiment in curation and display as the art objects themselves. In “Studies and Specimens,” Salzman expertly constructs one centrally located cabinet which houses two opposing bodies of work – one three dimensional, the other painted. Both are based on the human form, but otherwise seem as if they were drawn from two entirely different collections. Salzman merges traditional concepts with distinctly contemporary aesthetic elements One side of the Plexiglas-laden structure in the middle of the gallery includes portraits of a man painted onto a series of panels. These ... More » »

wall and table sculpture in the artist's studio

A studio visit with Alexis Granwell

—Multi-media works and some complicated printmaking are under discussion as Andrea visits an artist’s studio.–the artblog editors———————–>Sometimes a single artwork is compelling enough that I want to know more about its maker.  At a two-person exhibition at Tiger Strikes Asteroid  late last year, I was intrigued by a very large, subtly-layered work on paper that featured an outlined image of a yurt. I could find no clues as to how it was made. When the artist, Alexis Granwell, said it was a print created with multiple intaglio processes, I was startled. Intaglio usually leaves not only a plate mark, but ... More » »

Edward Marshall Shenk, "Diptych."

A slap of the absurd at Tiger’s Style Points and Substance Pangs

—Chip deconstructs some perplexing work that deals with corporate logos, cat conundrums and cross-cutural cartoons.  A fun show of absurdist humor. –the artblog editors———————————–Tiger Strikes Asteroid takes a foray into an ambivalent and over-saturated world in its April exhibition “Style Points and Substance Pangs” curated by Rachel LaBine and Keith J. Varadi. Three artists have work in the show: Jamian Juliano Villani, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, and Edward Marshall Shenk, and the work is, at times, difficult to find an entry point into, but when there is a way in, the images likely leave the viewer even more perplexed  than when they ... More » »

Our Art Safari group before take off

artblog’s Art Safari March 1 with John Gatti’s Art Now class – a picture post!

We sallied forth with around a dozen Safari-ites from John Gatti’s Art Now! class at the Barnes Foundation, and saw the art in the Vox Populi building and in Space 1026, with a stop for refreshments at Trestle Inn, where the go go dancers inspired everyone to sing along and wriggle/dance in their seats.  Below are some pictures – with more at Libby’s flickr and Roberta’s flickr.  Come on Safari with us!  Email libbyandroberta@gmail.com.  

Ed Panar. Along the Monongahela River 2005
copyright Ed Panar

How Ed Panar knows that animals saw him – At Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Hearing about photographer Ed Panar’s exhibition “Animals that Saw Me” at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (to Feb. 24) left me skeptical. How did the artist know it was the animals that saw him? Isn’t this just animal portraiture? Looking at the work and speaking to curator Jaime Alvarez cured me of my skepticism. A graduate school colleague of Panar’s at the Cranbrook Academy in Michigan, Alvarez explained that Panar photographs obsessively, shooting roll after roll (yes, he still uses film), and only printing a small selection of the pictures he has taken. Panar’s photographs are really a sampling of everything he ... More » »


The Search for Dispravosláviye – Rob Matthews and Shanna Waddell tackle the idea of the cult at Tiger

In The Search for Dispravosláviye at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Shanna Waddell and Rob Matthews are thinking about belief systems. Waddell’s works are focused on sixties’ counter culture and cult groups that exploited the cultural revolution. For Rob Matthews, it’s a questioning of dogmatic beliefs and skepticism toward certain religious practices. The show curated by TSA member Rubens Ghenov is on view until January 27. Shanna Waddell draws inspiration from sixties’ psychedelia. In her Medicine Cabinet Altarpiece series, she uses a jarring, fluorescent palette to represent the radical counter culture and its utopian promise. In the two works from the series ... More » »

rob matthews horizonal

From the artblog vault – Rob Matthews’ podcast, his show with Shanna Waddell opens tonight at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

[Ed note: This podcast originally ran on artblog July 23, 2012. Rob Matthews is in a two person show with Shanna Waddell opening tonight, Jan 4, 2013, at Tiger Strikes Asteroid.] The art world’s interest in drawings came just at the right moment for Rob Matthews, an artist whose drawings merge humor and faith in puzzling scenarios often staged in his own home. Rob who grew up in the South, talked to us about self-combustion and animal sculptures on building facades–some of the things that have set his imagination afire. Human folly, Hitchcock movies and childhood adventures inflect his work, ... More » »

Gallery photos courtesy of Tiger Strikes Asteroid.

Things fall apart – A collection On Loan at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Entering Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s current show is like going into the parlor of some half-cracked, old art collector. The mixed-media works on display in On Loan, which was curated by TSA member Nora Salzman, have been arranged into a harmonious concord that’s almost as interesting from a curatorial perspective as the works are themselves. The domestic theme common in the works — like the stack of mens’ undershirts, wallpaper on one wall, rocking chair, porcelain dishware, and decorative figurines – adds to the living room feel. But the homely exterior is undermined by pervasive elements of decay or decomposition that ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris, Episode 4 – Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Vox Populi

This breezy, 2.50 minute-episode, the third from our first official Art Safari on March 2, takes us to the Vox building, 319 N. 11th St., where we have a chat with Jaime Alvarez at Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Kate Stewart at Vox Populi.  Barnes Foundation educator John Gatti’s Art Now students were with us, and in this episode Barnes student Martha Harris sums up her experience of Alvarez’s photos — great stuff! To watch all the safari videos go to the art safaris page of the blog. Or watch the video at our YouTube channel. This episode is recorded and ... More » »

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