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Reviews of two books on artists and their studios

[Andrea reviews divergent approaches to documenting artists’ processes and workspaces, finding that the second book is inappropriate for young artists, because it will give them unrealistic expectations. — the artblog editors] Sarah Trigg is an artist who became fascinated with the range of curiosities she found in fellow artists’ studios. Focusing on specific categories, which she terms “mascots,” “collected objects,” “makeshift tools,” “rituals,” “residue,” and “habitat,” Trigg set out to record her visits with 100 colleagues who represent the range of artists working in the U.S. She described her approach as “anthropological”. Trigg knew only a handful of these colleagues ... More » »

Maren Hassenger performing Senga Nengudi’s "RSVP" at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Nov. 17, 2012

Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art

[Andrea comments on a large exhibition of contemporary performance art by African-American artists, finding both the show’s performances and accompanying catalog well-curated and memorable. For more information on individual artists, please see Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art, Valerie Cassel Oliver, ed. (Contemporary Art Museum, Houston; 2013), ISBN 978 -1-933619-38-5 –the artblog editors] In New York, the exhibition Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art was split between the Grey Art Gallery at NYU (from Sept. 10 – Dec. 7, 2013) and the Studio Museum in Harlem, where it remains on view until March 9, 2014. It does a particularly good ... More » »

Frank Bramblett and Katrina Mortorff.  Frank is wearing the sequined baseball cap Katrina made for the show.

Weekly Update – Frank love at the Elkins Estate

Thanks.Frank, an outpouring of love for retired Tyler School of Art painting prof Frank Bramblett, honors a beloved educator and raconteur known for his wit, compassion and deep thinking about art, culture and society. (Full disclosure: In 2006, I co-taught one semester of senior painting studio with Bramblett and Libby Rosof.) Tyler alums put out the call, and works poured in from all over the country, from 35 artists in all, including paintings, sculpture and works on paper from local artists like Anthony Campuzano, Thomas Vance, Austin Lee and Rebecca Saylor Sack and out-of-towners Kelly McRaven (New York) and Trenton ... More » »

Austin Lee and Katrina Mortorff, who organized the team that put on the show


Every once in a while there’s a teacher who is more than a teacher, someone who influences students in unpredictable and fantastic ways.

Daniel Firman, Grey Matter, at the Armory.

Fare at the NY art fairs – Pulse and Volta

We ran into a lot of folks at the art fairs last week. Some we knew, others were artists and gallerists we were meeting for the first time. Either way, the art fairs are chat fests with conversations about art, sales and the exhilaration of being at the fair. Talk is the glue that holds the memory of the fair together this year.  Other years it was the art.  Here’s a brief report from Pulse, Volta and the Armory.

Two ICA-related shows-Rich Text and Jane Irish

Anthony Campuzano, Bicycle Bomb, 2008, ink on board, 20 x 30 inches Two Philadelphia galleries are showing art with lots of words–both shows with tie-ins to current exhibitions at the ICA. The galleries are the blue-chip Locks and Fleisher/Ollman, and the shows they have mounted are tip-top. At Fleisher/Ollman, the group exhibit Rich Text is keying off Touch Sensitive: Anthony Campuzano, an ICA exhibit of the artist’s text-based art.

Fear, loathing and lady photographers in New York

Like children staring down a box of candy and a bowl of oatmeal we went straight for Chelsea Dec 12 instead of to the museums. The day was sunny and brisk and we took our chances wandering in candyland. Trenton Doyle Hancock at James Cohan. We knew before we walked into James Cohan Gallery that we were ready to love Trenton Doyle Hancock’s show. His works excite us with their combination of extreme inward-looking eye, paranoia and turgid visuals. In a cool world Hancock sizzles. His manic layering, repetitive imagery, gazillions of words, and push to decoration give us great ... More » »

Weekly Update — ICA’s immersive Spring Shows

This week’s Weekly has my review of the ICA’s new shows. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. And check out Libby’s review here. Michael Smith (suit) with Annette DiMeo Carlozzi of the Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin. The Blanton organized the show. ICA continues its walk on art’s wild side with two new shows: “Mike’s World,” an immersion into the theatrical sets, props, videos and other works of performance artist Michael Smith; and “Wow That’s Mean and Other Vegan Cuisine,” a 3-D black-light wallpaper-and-drawings extravaganza by Trenton Doyle Hancock.Survival Rations–Crackers, from ... More » »

Trenton Doyle Hancock’s world, Mike’s World, at the ICA

Doug and Mike’s Adult Entertainment, 1991-98, stage, puppets, backdrop and misc. props w/ video compilation, 19 mins. If Mike’s World makes you think Wayne’s World, you’re not so far off. Like L for Loser. “Mike,” like the two guys in Wayne’s World, is sooo not cool and at some level doesn’t really get what he’s up to. But there he is, in video after video, not really prospering in the middle of the SoHo real estate boom, losing money in an psychedelic lighting supply business for musical events, looking like a ne’er-do-well salesman peddling a New Age wellness center. Mike’s ... More » »